Payment methods accepted on PlayStation Store

Payment methods accepted on PlayStation Store

Find out which payment methods can be used on PlayStation™Store.

Which payments are accepted on PlayStation Store?

You can use the following payment methods to make PlayStation Store purchases and top up your wallet:

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard 
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard 

How to set up a payment method on PlayStation Store

The following payment methods can be saved to your account:

Credit/debit card
(3 max)
Payment service
(1 max)
Visa  PayPal

To link an eligible payment method to your account for PlayStation Store purchases, add it as your default payment method and select it during checkout.

Each adult account also has an online wallet that can store funds and make PlayStation Store purchases. Your wallet can be topped up using a registered payment method or PlayStation gift cards.

A child account can only make purchases using funds from the family manager's wallet within a monthly spending limit. This limit is automatically set to 0 when the account is created.

How to manage PlayStation Store payment options

If you would like to add or remove a payment method from your account, please visit Payment Management on a web browser or your PlayStation console. You can also set your default payment method and top up your wallet using this menu.

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