What is Pentiment?

An artist turns detective in this visually striking narrative adventure.

From Obsidian (The Outer Worlds, Pillars of Eternity II), Pentiment is a historical narrative adventure with a unique art style influenced by the illuminated manuscripts and woodcut prints of the 16th Century.

Play as master artist Andreas Maler as he is embroiled in a series of murders that take place in the fictional Bavarian village of Tassing and the neighboring Kiersau Abbey. Investigate these killings and enter a world of secrets, scandal and intrigue where your choices will have a lasting impact on the community for years to come.

What conspiracy lies at the heart of this grisly mystery?

Pentiment key features

Art imitates death

The illuminated manuscripts and earliest printed books of 16th-century Europe are brought to life, depicting the Bavarian Alps just as the master artists of the time – and the story’s illustrator protagonist – would.

An artist of your making

Create your own Andreas Maler, choosing the experiences that shaped his formative years as well as his interests and academic pursuits. Your decisions will affect your interactions with the characters you encounter during your investigations.

A 25-year mystery to unravel

Enter a time of great religious and political change across Europe, where each decision you make profoundly impacts your community across generations. Forge your own path as you delve deeper into the intriguing central conspiracy.