A cadet's guide to Helldivers 2

Basic training might be over, cadet, but we have a few extra tips to help you on your glorious mission to deliver the galaxy the freedom it deserves.

The galaxy's last line of offence

The star systems surrounding Super Earth are besieged by both bug and machine. It's your job, cadet, to liberate those hostile systems, one planet at a time.

Each planet has a large number of operations of varying risk levels to undertake. As you prove your skill in more trivial skirmishes, you'll earn the right to tackle more dangerous incursions, where the rewards for your squad will be ever greater. 

The galactic map in every ship charts the progress of our military efforts and only by liberating one planet and system after the other can we hope to secure freedom galaxy-wide.

Picking weapons and armour


Weapons of justice

From light machine guns and sturdy sidearms to barking shotguns and precision battle rifles, Super Earth encourages freedom of expression in the dispense of justice.
Your cache of raw firepower can blitz any bug, bot, or whatever else the galaxy throws at you. Primary guns, sidearms, grenades – they all have their own stats and special traits, so grab the right gear for each mission.

While you'll start with Super Earth's standard issue equipment, new weapons can be bought from the Acquisition Centre with Medals – earned for completing operational objectives – or with Super Credits, available to buy from PlayStation™Store.

Freedom-fighting armour

Life on the galactic frontlines is quite often fatal, so you won't want to step into your Hellpod until you'll donned a set of Super Earth's slickest armour sets. It comes in a range of intimidating styles and three comfortable sizes.

  • Light Armor is for those lithe and lethal Helldivers who are hoping to stay one step ahead of the enemy.
  • Heavy Armor is for those who plant their feet like the pillars of democracy and yield only when tyranny is bested.
  • Medium Armor is for those free-wheeling go-getters who like to have it both ways.

New armour sets can be bought via Warbonds in the Acquisition Centre – each one has special features so pay attention, they could mean the difference between glorious death and glorious glory.

Death from above

How to use stratagems

Super Earth's fleet is ready to dispense weapons, reinforcements and ballistics at the touch of at least three buttons.

Stratagems are the jewels in your arsenal. You'll unlock more from your Ship Management Terminal with 'Requisitions' (a special currency is awarded for completing operations) and you'll get your hands on stronger Stratagems as you go – but here are a few even the greenest cadet should be able to handle:

Eagle Stratagems
Orbital Stratagems
Backpack Stratagems
Support Weapons
Defensive Stratagems

Eagle Stratagems

Very fast, very noisy and very fun. Each one comes with a set number of charges that can be used in quick succession.

  • Strafing Run
    Call in a high-speed fighter jet to unleash a machine gun assault from the heavens.
  • Air Strike
    Explosive carpet bombing run - they’ll never see it coming.
  • Cluster Bomb
    Dispatch a barrage of cluster bombs to obliterate a wide area of the battlefield.
  • Napalm Strike
    Watch yourself, cadet! The blazing aftermath created by napalm cannot distinguish the agents of liberty from those of tyranny.

Orbital Stratagems

Good things come to those who wait. They might have a longer deployment time, but Orbitals pack a serious punch.

  • Precision Strike
    A one-hit wonder. Drop the beacon and take a beat. Deadly and to the point.
  • Gatling Barrage
    A sustained rapid-fire salvo from your ship’s powerful gatling gun. Enjoy the show.
  • Gas Strike
    Hold your breath! The sweet scent of freedom is sometimes deadly.
  • EMS Strike
    Call down an electromagnetic barrage that will freeze the forces of oppression in their tracks (but also fellow Helldivers; deploy with extreme prejudice).

Backpack Stratagems

Sometimes it pays to think with your head, rather than your trigger finger.

  • Supply Pack
    Restock the supplies of your allies so they can dish out the damage.
  • Jump Pack
    Leap high into the air to bypass seemingly impassable obstacles and/or clueless enemies.
  • “Guard Dog”
    A Helldiver’s best friend? This drone obediently shoots nearby enemies with an assault rifle.
  • “Guard Dog” Rover
    Same as above, but using a cool laser weapon! Who’s a good boy? 

Support Weapons

Now we’re talking. Heavy-duty firepower to take out large groups or a single armored unit.

  • Machine Gun
    Rat-a-tat-tat. Unwieldy, but man can this thing fire. Crouch down, pull the trigger and hold on tight.
  • Anti-material Rifle
    This high-powered sniper rifle proves you don't always have to 'keep your enemies closer'.
  • Stalwart
    The Machine Gun’s little brother, the Stalwart is easier to handle and more accurate, but less punishing.
  • Expendable Anti-Tank
    The clue is in the name – a single-use rocket launcher that annihilates armoured enemies where they stand

Defensive Stratagems

Staying alive is kind of important if we’re going to win this thing. Keep the enemy at bay and hold your ground.

  • Anti-Personal Minefield
    Pepper the battlefield with mines deadly to whoever/whatever steps on them, friend or foe.
  • Incendiary Mines
    Trigger an explosion that ignites the terrain and anything foolish enough to be close by.
  • Machine Gun Sentry
    A high rate-of-fire turret that batters lightly armoured targets. Put it in place and go about your business.
  • Gatling Sentry
    Pretty similar to the Machine Gun Sentry, but with a faster attack speed.

The Galactic War

Top tips for securing victory

If there's one thing you remember out there, it should be these 10 indispensable tips.

  1. Be brave; not stupid. While gung-ho passion is commendable, it pays to think first and exterminate second. Do you need to reload? Do you need to resupply? Do you have everything need? If in doubt, always go in armed to the teeth.
  2. Throw everything you've got at them. No single Helldiver carries enough ammunition to bring down an entire horde. Call down air strikes, support fire, heavy weapons and reinforcements to decimate the enemy.
  3. Destroy, but also search. Not everything on a planet's surface is canon fodder. Alien battlefields are littered with everything from spare ammunition to unclaimed medals and scientific samples. Grab everything you can and bring it back for the war effort.
  4. Exceed expectations. If you want to climb the ranks you'll need to go above and beyond. Most battlefields will have additional objectives (like bug nests to destroy, or support weapons to redeploy) and going the extra mile is richly rewarded by command.
  5. Don't blame your tools. Each weapon has different merits: firepower, recoil, reload times and ammunition vary wildly. Make sure you know what you're doing before you pull that trigger. Heavy recoil weapons are more effective when fired from a prone position; sidearms need reloading regularly.
  1. Pitch with purpose. A strong throwing arm can make a Helldiver's career. Strategic support will land right where you drop the beacon, so why not drop it right on the enemy's head? When you're pitching a grenade, don't be afraid to hold it for a second or two before you throw and make sure it explodes right in the enemy's face - just don't hold it too long.
  2. Pillage your corpse. If you should be confronted by a hero's death out there, make sure that you head over and pick up what you've dropped once you redeploy. It's not just weapons and ammunition, dead bodies can't carry precious scientific samples back to the fleet.
  3. Pillage other corpses. No Helldiver should die in vain. If you're backed into a corner and your best buddy has just taken one for democracy, don't let it be for nothing. Grab anything they've dropped, it might just keep you from the same fate.
  4. Stand together. Tales of your legend will only spread across the galaxy if buddies are there to witness it. Join up with other Helldivers online (or let others join you). You'll live longer, conquer tougher objectives and sing songs of one another's heroism for ages to come.
  5. Watch where you point that thing. The chaos of armed conflict is a hotbed for friendly fire. Be aware that all munitions have a potentially fatal effect on fellow Helldivers. Keep your buddies out of the firing line and with any luck they'll pay you the same courtesy.

Defence spending

Warbonds and Super Credits

An army marches on its wallet. The more operations you complete, the more resources you'll gather to expand your arsenal and equipment, but it's not the only way.


Make the smart choice and invest in Warbonds – your ticket to fighting this Galactic War with a bit of style.

New catalogues are added every month, packed with everything you need to stay well-equipped on the frontlines, including armour, capes, weapons and more.

You can snap up the complete Warbond of your choice with Super Credits and can unlock the items you want using Medals earned during Operations.

Take a trip to the Acquisition Centre to check out what’s on offer.

Super Credits

Super Credits can help fuel your valiant fight for freedom and democracy.

Available to buy from PlayStation™Store and findable in-game, you can spend your stash in the Acquisition Centre, to purchase either additional Warbonds or new items like capes, armour and weapons. 

Keep checking the Acquisition Centre as new supplies arrive regularly from Super Earth.

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