Parental controls compatible with PlayStation games for PC

Find out what parental controls can be enabled when playing PlayStation PC games.

What is a PlayStation game for PC?

A PlayStation game for PC is an acclaimed title from PlayStation Studios, available to enjoy on PC via Steam® or Epic Games® Store. 

Only certain PlayStation Network features can be used when playing a PlayStation game for PC.

What parental controls can I apply to PlayStation games for PC?

Some of the parental controls you set up online or on your console are applied to PlayStation games for PC*: 

  • Communication and User-Generated Content
  • Certain privacy settings
    • Who can see your child's games and trophies
    • Who can see your child's online status and what they're currently playing
    • Who can ask to be your child's friend
    • Who can interact with your child through parties, games, and messages

*Not all PlayStation games for PC will support parental controls set up through PlayStation.

The following parental controls do not apply to PlayStation PC games:

  • Playtime
  • Web Browsing
  • Age Level for PS5 Games
  • Age Filtering for Online Content
  • Age Level for PS4 and PS3 Games
  • Monthly Spending Limit
  • Age Level for Blu-ray Disc and DVD Videos
  • Allowed Games - Gameplay
  • Use of PlayStation VR
  • Allowed Games - Communication
  • Certain privacy settings
    • Your child's Personalized Content
    • Data your child provides
    • Who can see your child's activities
    • Who can follow your child
    • Who can see your child's followers
    • Who can see the players your child follows
    • Who can send your child a request to watch
    • Allow your child to receive crossplay invitations

Given that certain parental control settings don’t apply to PlayStation games for PC, check the parental controls that are available directly on PC platforms.

How else can I manage my child’s PC gaming?

You can set parental controls on the platform you used to download and access the game:

Learn more about Steam Family View.

Epic Games 

Learn more about Epic Games Safety and Security.

Learn more about safety tools you can use on Windows.

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