Take hold and control

Discover the small, sleek PlayStation Vita system that’s big on features.


Can you handle it?

Get a grip on new experiences

Explore and play with a touch, tap or swipe of your fingertip on the crystal clear, 5-inch touchscreen.

The rear touch pad gives you advanced precision and accuracy, so you can interact from both front and back for full control. Grab, trace, squeeze, push and pull… the possibilities are endless.


Console-style control

Dual analog sticks

Enjoy a seamless, effortless experience with intuitive dual analog sticks that give you complete control of the action.

Intense colour and detail

Bright, vivid 5-inch screen

The high-resolution 5-inch screen gives you colour and definition like you’ve never seen before in portable gaming.


Amazing augmented reality

Front and rear cameras

Blur the line between gaming and real life. Transport your surroundings, and even yourself, into the game you're playing – creating a whole new world every time you play.

A new angle

Shake, rattle and roll

Tilt and steer your way through adventures, interact with characters and use in-game tools in new ways – all courtesy of the built-in motion sensors.


PlayStation united

Connect to PS4 and PS3

You can connect your PS Vita system to your PS4 or PS3 and unlock new and exciting ways to play.

Never stop playing

Remote Play

Transform your PS Vita into a mini-version of your living room console. Nearly all PS4 games can be played remotely on your PS Vita via Wi-Fi.

One copy for multiple consoles


Buy a game for your PS Vita, PS4 or PS3 and get the same title at no extra cost or at a discount on the other systems. Selected titles only.

Play across consoles


Race, fight or team up with other players in real-time on either PS4 or PS Vita. It works between PS Vita and PS3 too. Selected titles only.

Continue your game


Begin your adventure at home on your PS4 or PS3, save your game, then continue on PS Vita wherever you go. Selected titles only.

Your in-game items


Unlock or create in-game items and share them between your PS4 and PS Vita, or between PS3 and PS Vita. Selected titles only.

Play PS4 games using PS Vita


Use the PS Vita system’s unique features to control PS4 and PS3 games in brilliant new ways. Selected titles only.


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