8 ways Modern Warfare refines & reinvents Call of Duty

ESRB MATURE 17+: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Drugs / In-Game Purchases, Users Interact

1. The most life-like visuals in Call of Duty history

Detailed environments

Advanced photogrammetry (the science of scanning real-life objects and topography) delivers stunningly detailed environments that bring the gameplay to life.

Lifelike characters

Characters are more lifelike than ever thanks to new PBR decal rendering technology that accurately models the flow of light over a surface.

More on-screen action

An advance culling algorithm means Modern Warfare delivers five times the geometry of past games in the series. Translation: you’ll be seeing more characters on screen at once.

Extraordinary lighting

New volumetric lighting and spectral rendering tech facilitate incredible new visual effects such as thermal heat radiation, ground fog, dust motes, and accurate night-vision simulation.

Immersive audio

Thanks to new audio tools like digital signal processing and painstaking field recording sessions, not only does Modern Warfare look the part, it sounds incredible too.

2. Improved down-the-barrel gameplay

Refined shooting

Developer Infinity Ward has worked hard to ensure Modern Warfare’s weapons feel authentic while also being fun to use. For example, you can now reload while aiming down sights, keeping you focused on the fight at all times.

New mechanics

One of Modern Warfare’s new gameplay mechanics is ‘gun mounting’ - a contextual technique that lets you anchor and pivot your weapon on geometry to ‘pie’ a room and keep recoil to a minimum.

Realistic physics

The feel of Modern Warfare’s arsenal is more authentic than ever – your weapons bob and sway with real weight as you traverse the map, and most replicate the same unique recoil patterns of their real-world counterparts.

Deep customization

Modern Warfare features the most customizable firearms of any Call of Duty game, with each one offering up to 60 possible attachment configurations, depending on the weapon type.

  1. First up, pick your primary and secondary firearms from the gun bench.
  2. Next, tune your arsenal at the Gunsmith. You can equip five unlockable attachments at one time, with each one modifying aspects of the weapon’s performance.
  3. You can customize the muzzle, optics, rear grip, the stock, the under grip, the barrel, and more. Mix and match attachments to suit your playstyle.
  4. Select an additional three perks, one from each of three separate categories. These range from buffs to your crouch movement speed, to the ability to carry two primary weapons.
  5. Add one piece of Lethal Equipment – these range from Molotov Cocktails to Proximity Mines.
  6. Add one piece of Tactical Equipment. These are strategic items designed to confuse or distract an enemy, such as a stun grenade or smoke grenade.
  7. New for Modern Warfare are Field Upgrades. Configurable from the main weapons menu, this is an additional rechargeable item of gear you can pick for your class that grants a specific battlefield advantage, such as a Recon Drone, Deployable Cover or a Tactical Insertion flare. Choose wisely!

3. Bigger maps, higher player counts

While fan-favorite modes are here, Modern Warfare is not afraid to innovate in multiplayer, offering a mix of small and large maps that support a wide range of player counts. Here are some of the new modes you’ll be playing:


A new 2v2 mode that plays out on tight ‘Flash Maps’. All Operators get the same randomly selected load-out, and the resulting skirmishes are tense, quick and action-packed.

Cyber Attack

Fought on medium-sized ‘Tactical Maps’, this mode sees two teams trying be the first to seize an EMP device then deploy it in the opposition’s data centre.

Ground War

Modern Warfare’s busiest mode sees two teams of 32 duke it out on a series of expansive ‘Battle Maps’. This is core Call of Duty multiplayer on a grand scale.

The short answer is 'a lot'. To keep multiplayer fresh and challenging, however, modes are rotated and updated all the time. Below is a list of the kind of variety you can expect - it's not exhaustive and many new modes will be added, but it should be enough to wet your appetite.


  • Hardpoint
  • Search & Destroy
  • Capture the Flag
  • Infection
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Gun Game
  • Musical Chairs
  • War
  • Headquarters
  • Domination
  • Team Deathmatch

For more details on each mode and what modes are currently in rotation, visit Activision’s Games Blog.

Modern Warfare’s Operators are your avatar in the heat of the action - there are 20 in total to choose from, split between two factions, Allegiance and Coalition, and each has their own unique visual representation, backstory, dialogue, and nationality.

In contrast to recent Call of Duty titles, they don’t have gameplay-altering abilities (in keeping with Modern Warfare’s grounded, realistic tone, don’t expect jet packs or mech suits). However, you can customize their appearance and each Operator has their own unique execution move.

4. Gameplay has a more strategic, tactical edge

Fastest trigger finger doesn’t necessarily dominate in Modern Warfare – there’s a greater emphasis on strategic, tactical gameplay this time

New traversal mechanics

Maps are designed with exploration and discovery in mind, so you can now climb and mantle all over the environment in search of new angles on the opposition, while the new Tactical Sprint feature offers an aggressive new traversal option when leaving cover.

More realistic maps

Modern Warfare’s maps are more unpredictable, less symmetrical, and feature more verticality than in the past, featuring greater density of multi-story buildings. It all makes for a more dangerous, more realistic, and more exciting battlefield.

New door breach system

You now have options when entering a room. You can approach slowly and hope to catch your enemies off-guard (risky!); sprint through them (nearby foes will hear you coming); use explosives to blow them off their hinges (everybody will hear you coming); or pop them open a crack to peer in and toss a flashbang.

Bullet penetration

Take note, campers – you can now be shot through walls. The higher the caliber of your weapon, the more damage it will do to the scenery. Note: to help you avoid collateral damage, your teammates will be outlined when obscured by geometry.

How new Night Vision maps flip the script

This new emphasis on tactical gameplay really comes into focus on new Night Vision maps. 


  • With the lights out, you’ll need to use ADS sparingly – your opposition will see your laser sights and know you’re coming.
  • Toss flashbangs or flip light switches placed sparingly around the map to blow-out your enemy’s night vision and give you a moment’s advantage.
  • You’ll need to listen to the action to get the upper hand – keep an ear open for footsteps and gunfire to help you locate the enemy.
  • If you’re feeling really brave, turn on the new Realism mode, which disables most HUD elements for a more authentic (read: white knuckle) experience.


5. Killstreaks return

Scorestreaks are out, Killstreaks are back. In traditional Call of Duty fashion, you’ll earn powerful tools as reward for pulling off a number of consecutive kills without being taken out.

In addition to your Loadout and Field Upgrade, you can deploy three Killstreaks before taking to the battlefield. As per usual, the longer the streak required to unlock a reward, the more devastating they are.

Look out for some old favorites alongside a few newcomers…

Be aware that Killstreak rewards are subject to change post-launch to keep gameplay fresh and unpredictable, but to give you an of what you might expect, take a look at the following:

3 kills

  • Personal Radar

4 kills

  • Counter UAV
  • UAV
  • Care Package

5 kills

  • Cluster Strike
  • Cruise Missile
  • Precision Airstrike

7 kills

  • Wheelson
  • Infantry Assault Vehicle

8 kills

  • Emergency Air Drop
  • VTOL Jet

10 kills

  • Chopper Gunner
  • White Phosphorus

11 kills

  • Support Helo

12 kills

  • Gunship
  • Advanced UAV

15 kills

  • Juggernaut

For a detailed description of each Killstreak and details on current rewards, visit Activision’s Games Blog.

6. Modern Warfare unites the community

  • Play with friends on any platform: Modern Warfare supports cross-platform online multiplayer between PS4, PC and Xbox One
  • Free updates for all players: Modern Warfare will not have a season pass. Developer Infinity Ward want to avoid splitting the player base so expect regular free maps and other content to arrive post-launch.
  • Multiple control inputs supported: Not only are keyboard and mouse controls now supported on PS4, but you can choose to play in input-specific lobbies.
  • Unified progression: All gear you unlock will be available for use in all modes.

7. Spec Ops has returned

For the first time since its debut in 2008’s World at War, there will be no Zombies co-op mode in Modern Warfare. Developer Infinity Ward worried that it would clash with Modern Warfare’s grounded, realistic tone.

In its place is Special Ops, a returning co-op mode that features a series of strategic missions accessible to all skill levels. Look out for more details as launch approaches.

8. The single-player campaign is gritty, grounded, and epic

The classic Call of Duty single player campaign is back with a bang in Modern Warfare. Expect the most visceral, realistic and thought-provoking COD campaign ever.

Globe-trotting combat

Fight side-by-side with a diverse cast of international special forces and rebel groups in iconic locations across Europe and the Middle East to defuse a potentially cataclysmic terror plot threatening the global balance of power.

Characters you believe in

From key protagonists Sergeant Kyle Garrick and CIA operative Alex [redacted], to the supporting cast of Tier One operatives, enemy combatants and civilians caught in the crossfire, Modern Warfare features the series’ most authentic, nuanced cast of characters ever. Expect immersive, morally complex scenarios that will challenge your perceptions of 21st-century conflict. 

Photo-realistic world

Modern Warfare’s technological innovations help sell the authenticity of its narrative, rendering the most photo-realistic warzone ever depicted in a video game. State of the art visual effects bring every set-piece to life in extraordinary detail.

Varied gameplay

Expect a range of playstyles as you progress through the story, including close quarter skirmishes, stealth infiltrations, and long-range combat. As with multiplayer, this is no shooting gallery – you’ll need to think tactically to survive.

“We get dirty and the world stays clean – that’s the mission”


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