Accessibility Settings on PlayStation®4

The PlayStation®4 has been designed with several features and functions to support accessibility needs.

Where to find PlayStation®4 Accessibility Settings

Go to Settings  > Accessibility to find the accessibility options.

PlayStation®4 Accessibility Settings Options

This setting is available only for content that includes closed captions.

How to set up closed captions?
  1. Go to Settings  > Accessibility >  Closed Captions

  2. Tick the box for Display Closed Captions

  3. Select Closed Caption Settings, then untick the box Display Closed Captions as Specified by Content  to customise your closed caption text including font type, size, text colour, background colour and more. To use the default settings, tick the box Display Closed Captions as Specified by Content

To display closed captions, press the OPTIONS button during BD or DVD playback, and then select Closed Captions.


These settings allow you to change controller button assignments. Each change swaps the roles of two buttons.

Note that on-screen directions will not reflect your button assignments.

  • This feature is available only on PS4™ systems sold in certain countries or regions.
  • The text to speech feature is available only when the system language is set to English (United States).

Enable Text to Speech to hear the system read certain on-screen text and contextual information. Text to Speech works when navigating Messages, using the on-screen keyboard, and in other menu areas.

The following Text to Speech options are available:

  • Text to Speech - Tick this box to enable text to speech. 
  • Speed - Adjust how quickly/slowly instructions are spoken aloud. Speed can only be adjusted if Text to Speech is enabled. 
  • Volume - If Text to Speech is enabled, select this and press right or left to raise or lower the volume of spoken instructions.

Tick this box to enable zooming in on the screen. Once Zoom has been enabled:

  • Press the PS button and the SQUARE button at the same time to zoom in. 
  • Move the enlarged area of the screen using the direction buttons or dual analogue sticks. Other controls are disabled while zooming. 
  • Cancel zooming by pressing the CIRCLE button, or by pressing the PS button and the SQUARE button at the same time. 

Tick this box to reverse the colours displayed on the screen.

Note: the screensaver will not start while colours are inverted.

This setting applies larger text to most areas of the PS4™ dynamic menu. 

This setting applies bold font to the text in menus.

Apply this setting to darken the background, providing a higher contrast between text and background. 

This setting allows you to choose how quickly scrolling text messages will move across your screen.

Available settings range from "Very Slow" to "Fast".

This setting adds a set of Accessibility features to your Quick Menu. To view the Quick Menu, press and hold the PS button.

Here is a list of the Accessibility features added to the Quick Menu:

  • Enable Text to Speech 
  • Invert Colours 
  • Enable Custom Button Assignments 

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