PS Now Usage Terms

PlayStation Now is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically (at the then-current PlayStation Store price) at the frequency you choose at purchase until the subscription is cancelled.

If your wallet doesn't have enough funds when an automatic recurring subscription payment is due, the balance will be automatically funded from the default payment method on record to cover the subscription fee.



You can cancel your subscription at any time so that your subscription will expire at the end of your trial period or at the end of the period for which you have already paid, as applicable. This will stop future payments of subscription fees being taken, but you won’t receive a refund for payments already made. This is in addition to purchase cancellation rights you may have under your applicable local laws – see our Cancellation Policy at

To cancel on your PS5, go to [Settings] > [Users and Accounts] > [Account] > [Payment and Subscriptions] > [Subscriptions]. 

For instructions on how to cancel via the PlayStation App, web store, PC, PS4, PS3 or PS Vita, visit the PlayStation Support page on at



At the end of your 7-day trial period, your PlayStation Now subscription will automatically roll into a paid-for ongoing subscription with a recurring monthly subscription fee which will be taken automatically each month. If you want to prevent this, you can cancel your subscription prior to the end of the 7-day trial period. You can continue to use the benefits for the full 7 days even if you cancel before that.

You need a credit/debit card or PayPal account registered to your account for PlayStation Network to access a 7-day trial subscription.

PlayStation customers may experience PlayStation Now benefits at no extra cost by selecting the 7-day trial. Each person is eligible for one 7-day trial unless otherwise communicated.



To purchase a recurring monthly subscription, you need a credit/debit card or PayPal account registered to your account for PlayStation Network.



We may change the price of your subscription (up or down) to reflect changes in the subscription product, to reflect our costs in providing the subscription, to ensure that the subscription continues to be a viable service or to respond to market changes, such as changes to exchange rates, local taxes or inflation.

We will notify you by email at least 60 days in advance of any price increase. You will be able to cancel before the price change takes effect.



Certain games featured on PlayStation Now may be made available in the library on a limited-time basis only.

Subscribers must be aged 18+ and have an account for PlayStation Network. Games included in the subscription (and their features) are subject to change. Games downloaded to your console are playable as long as you have a valid subscription and go online once a week. For full technical requirements (including for PC) see

  • PS4 games (including remastered PS2 games) may be played via streaming or downloaded to your console (some exceptions may apply).
  • PS3 games may only be played via streaming.

If your PlayStation Now subscription lapses, you won’t be able to use add-ons for downloaded games, unless and until you renew your PlayStation Now subscription or purchase the same games from the PlayStation Store.

Depending on how PlayStation Now content is accessed, availability of features and quality may differ. Users cannot play streaming or download games on two different devices at the same time with the same account. PlayStation Now games may not provide the same features or be identical to the original formatted or other versions of the same-titled games. PlayStation Now promotional offers may be limited in time and vary by country or subscriber status; promotional offers are subject to change and may include content that has been previously offered or include content that you already own.

See Software Usage Terms for more details: Except for rights explicitly granted to you, all rights in the PlayStation Now content are reserved by Sony Interactive Entertainment, its affiliates and its licensors.

Streaming Games:

  • Are streamed at a maximum resolution of 1080p.
  • Are streamed in stereo only. Surround sound isn’t supported.
  • Don’t support player-generated media functionalities.
  • Can only auto-save data to PlayStation Now cloud storage. This allows data to be accessed from any PlayStation Now compatible device.
  • Don’t support PlayStation Plus auto-upload to online storage. PlayStation Plus cloud saves can be transferred manually to PS Now, and vice versa, using the Saved Data Management functionality on PS5.
  • Aren’t compatible with DLC that’s compatible with downloaded or disc-based games. Some streaming games may include bundled content that was available as DLC for downloaded or disc-based games.
  • Don’t provide access to in-game stores.
  • Don't support sharing via Share Play, recording or broadcasting.
  • Don’t support optional game components such as PS Camera and/or PS VR.
  • Don’t support importing/exporting content.
  • Don’t support video chat.
  • Don’t support social media access.
  • Don’t support using controller motion input while using the PS4 keyboard.

When playing PlayStation Now games:

  • On PS5 and PS4 systems, up to four PS4 or PS5 wireless controllers are compatible. Other peripherals aren’t supported.
  • On a PC, up to two wired DUALSHOCK®4 or two wired DUALSHOCK®3 controllers are compatible. For the best experience, plug in a DUALSHOCK 4 controller, or use the DUALSHOCK 4 wirelessly with a DUALSHOCK 4 USB Wireless Adaptor (sold separately). Some PS4 games require use of a touch pad, which is only available on a DUALSHOCK 4 controller.
  • On a PC, some third-party Xinput controllers may work with PS Now, but full compatibility with the service isn’t guaranteed. For more details, visit PlayStation Network at
  • While streaming, some companion app functionality may not work as expected.
  • Streaming players may be required to wait to gain access to certain titles during periods of high traffic.
  • The games included in the subscription (and features of each game) are subject to change at any time.
  • For PS Now on PC, minimum PC system requirements (including controller) apply. For more information, see
  • Interface and network features may not be accessible when playing streaming games. A PlayStation Now streaming menu will allow access to some PlayStation Network features while playing games on PS Now. However, users need to use their console, or PS App for messaging with friends.
  • If the “Console Sharing and Offline Play” setting is enabled for your PS5, players aged 18+ who aren’t PS Now subscribers will be able to play PS Now games from the game’s shortcut icon (displayed on the PS5 home screen) as well as in the PS Now app.
  • You can play downloaded games offline, but you need to connect to the internet once a week to validate your PS Now membership.
  • You won’t be able to use add-ons for downloaded games if your subscription lapses. But you’ll be able to use them again as soon as you renew your subscription or purchase the game.

Service availability, and availability of PlayStation Now content and features, are dependent on variables not under our control, including the speed and availability of your broadband connection and your geographic location. You may experience delays or technical difficulties caused by or related to these variables. Your use of PlayStation Now content may be interrupted if you don’t register and provide certain information about the device through which you access PlayStation Now, or if your device doesn’t remain continuously connected to the internet. Some of PlayStation Now's features may require you to install and operate additional applications on your PS Now device. Availability of features on those applications may differ and may be subject to additional terms and limitations. Failure to properly install and operate these applications will prevent you from using those features of PlayStation Now that rely upon these applications.

Use of PlayStation Network and PlayStation Now is subject to these Usage Terms, the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement, and the applicable privacy policy. You can access these documents by using the link to the Health / Privacy / Terms menu or going to