The Forest Quartet

Bedtime Digital Games
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  • Vibration function supported (DualSense wireless controller)

Experience life, death and jazz in this unique puzzle adventure.

Inhabit the spirit of a recently deceased lead singer and help your three grieving bandmates as they roam a forest in search of musical inspiration.

Solve puzzles and discover how Kirk the pianist, JB the bassist and Sebastian the drummer came to form a band as you battle manifestations of their troubled souls.

This moving exploration of love and loss features an original jazz score, haunting isometric environments and a beautiful, bite-sized story designed to be enjoyed at your leisure.

The Forest Quartet key features

A moving, musical tale

Enjoy a uniquely musical brand of minimalist storytelling as you discover the origins of a jazz quartet and attempt to reignite their musical spark in the depths of the forest.

A story in three acts

In each act, Nina will face a manifestation of a bandmate's emotions. Solve puzzles with an increasing range of powers to fight the corruption that troubles their souls.

A voice from beyond

Use the power of Nina's voice to interact with objects, create light with your fingertips and transform into a kaleidoscope of butterflies to explore the musicians' psyches.