Madden NFL 23

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  • PS Plus required for online play
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  • Supports up to 6 online players with PS Plus
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  • Remote Play supported
  • PS5 Version
  • Vibration function required

Play your way into the history books with Madden NFL 23

Featuring all-new ways to control your impact with every decision, Madden NFL 23 lets you call the shots in Franchise with free agency and trade logic updates. Play your way into the history books in Face of the Franchise: The League and assemble the most powerful roster in all of Madden Ultimate Team™.

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Standard Edition

  • Madden NFL 23 PS5™

Starter Edition


    Standard Edition

    • Madden NFL 23 PS4™

    All Madden Edition

    • Madden NFL 23 PS4™ & PS5™
    • 4600 Madden Points
    • Dual Entitlement

    FieldSENSE™ Gameplay System

    The all-new FieldSENSE™ Gameplay System in Madden NFL 23 on PlayStation 5* provides the foundation for consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay and equips players with more control all over the field in every game mode.

    More FieldSENSE features

    FieldSENSE leverages animation branching technology and fresh user control mechanics that provide a seamless gameplay flow and authentic results on every play.

    Play your way into the history books in Face of the Franchise: The League where new position-specific mechanics are brought to life by FieldSENSE. Player-focused cameras bring you closer to the action and add to gameplay depth by allowing you to dominate every snap, from anywhere on the field. 

    360° cuts

    More ball-carrier fluidity to hit gaps & elude defenders so you can break more big plays.

    Skill-based passing 

    Skill-based passing is an all-new way to pass that introduces a new accuracy reticle and pass meter.

    Hit everything

    Next-gen Hit-Stick physics enables mid-air knockouts. Hit the pile to assist tackles in progress and force turnovers with stand up tackles.

    WR vs DB Battles

    A suite of new wide receiver release moves and defensive back counter press mechanics make for some fancy footwork and crucial 1-v-1 battles off the line.

    *FieldSENSE™ Gameplay System only on PlayStation®5

    Franchise mode

    With new player motivations and tags in free agency, streamlined scouting features and enhanced transaction logic, Madden NFL 23 Franchise is more authentic and immersive than ever. Make every decision as you lead your favourite team to glory and forge an NFL dynasty.

    Season 2: Prime Time

    Go for greatness this season

    Step onto the gridiron in Madden NFL 23 Season 2: Prime Time, featuring the one-and-only Deion Sanders. Sanders changed the game with his unique, versatile skill set that combined speed, intensity and a unique personality that made him an absolute showstopper every time he stepped onto the turf. 

    Now, it’s your turn. From Most Feared Champions and Monster Maker player items to Season 2 Field Pass rewards like a Deion Sanders All-Madden Team player item, it’s time to prime your team.*

    *Requires Madden NFL 23 (sold separately), all game updates, internet connection, & an EA account.



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