7 things worth doing in Horizon Forbidden West before you start the Burning Shores DLC 

Before you dive into the Burning Shores expansion, there’s a few things in the Forbidden West that might still need Aloy’s attention. Here’s seven things to check out before you continue your journey. 

Finish Aloy's main questline

If you haven’t done it already, then now’s the perfect time to hop back in and finish Aloy’s main quest. The final mission is named ‘Singularity’ and brings the main story of Horizon Forbidden West to a close.

Don’t worry though, this won’t mean the end of your playthrough; you can return to the world after the credits have rolled to finish side activities, explore new regions or hunt down new equipment.

Trophy tips: Be sure to scan every machine you encounter in the final chapter.

Growth & mastery

Unlock your full potential

Before you brave the Burning Shores, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready. There are plenty of optional activities that will help you perfect your skills in combat, increase your mastery of the machine world and reward you with high-level weapons and armour.

Head to the Melee Pits in Chainscrape, Scalding Spear, The Bulwark or Thornmarsh to brush up on your hand-to-hand skills; complete the Hunting Trials at Hunting Grounds in The Daunt, Plainsong, Sheerside Mountains or Raintrace to become a master of taking down machines; or descend into the six Cauldrons hidden around the world to unlock the secret to overriding more-powerful machines.

Trophy tips: After beating all four Pit Masters you can challenge ‘The Enduring’, a Tenakth master of close-quarters combat.

Prove your worth

If you’re already confident in your abilities, then why not test your mettle? For a seasoned warrior, the Forbidden West holds some tantalising challenges, that will reward you with powerful gear for adventures ahead.

Visit The Maw of the Arena (head South West from Scalding Spear until the desert gives way to a leafy valley) and speak to Kalla about gaining entry. There are five playlists of incremental challenge to face, but don’t feel like you need to tackle them all at once.

If you’re looking for something a little different, then check out the Gauntlet Runs. These are mounted races, where you’ll need to cross the finish line first by collecting weapons and slowing down your opponents. Head to Dry Yearn, Cliffs of the Cry, Bonewhite Tear, or The Stillsands to get involved.

Trophy tip: Take first place in at least two of the Gauntlet Runs.

Divide & conquer

Drive the Eclipse out of the Daunt

Before you set out on a new leg of your journey, it’s worth making sure that The Forbidden West is safe for the clans you’ll be leaving behind. A Shadow Carja faction known as The Eclipse has been sighted in The Daunt and is working to undermine the stability of the area.

There are four side missions you’ll need to complete to ensure the safety of The Daunt. Start by speaking to an imprisoned Carja Warrior named Conover in Barren Light. He’s accused of murdering a fellow soldier named Laruvik but protests his innocence.

Once you’ve uncovered the truth, head over to Chainscrape and speak to the Carja Magistrate Ulvund about an issue he’s been having with rampant Bristlebacks.

Trophy tip: Take the fight to the Eclipse – don’t stop until you’ve found their leader Vezreh.

Quell the Rebellion

A band of followers of the former Oseram warlord Dervahl are hell-bent on exacting vengeance against the Carja for the Red Raids. They’ve somehow mastered the ability to override machines and now pose a serious threat to the safety of the Forbidden West.

Infiltrate Rebel Outposts and Rebel Camps across the Forbidden West to take out their leaders to weaken the rebel threat – you’ll find the first camp in a narrow Gorge west of Barren Light. Once all camp leaders have been dealt with, join Erend to hunt down the rebel group’s founder.

This is not a threat you'll want to leave unresolved before you head toward the Burning Shores.

Trophy Tip: Focus your energies on the Rebel Camps – you won’t need to fell every outpost.

Exploration & discovery

Chart the Forbidden West

With the power of her focus, Aloy can chart the Forbidden West in ways not before seen and uncover the secrets buried beneath the ruins of the West Coast of the United States.

Start by locating the Tallnecks wandering each area – find a means to reach the sensor array on their heads and use them to scan vast tracts of terrain. Once you’ve done this, hunt down the Vista Points hidden around the Forbidden West – they’re marked by an ‘eye’ icon on your map – to open windows on the past.

Lastly, scan the various machines you encounter to catalogue the parts they carry, the weaknesses they exhibit and the locations you can find them. Not only will the information be invaluable in combat, but it’ll also help with hunting down important crafting materials.

Trophy tip:  There are 10 machines you can override and they’re not just a handy way to get around.

Unearth the past

Once you’ve charted the Forbidden West, it’s worth discovering what secrets it’s hiding. Though much of the Old World is in ruins, there’s still much to discover for the intrepid explorer. If you’ve happened to locate a flying mount, it’ll make hunting for lost artifacts that bit easier.

There are Black Boxes from downed aeroplanes littered across the landscape, hunt these down for clues to the area’s history. Survey Drones scan the unique environment and ecosystem of the Forbidden West - hunt them down to help Gaia understand what is happening to the natural world.

Lastly, there are special relics buried in ruins across the map. Figure out a way to unlock these Relic Ruins, find unique treasures and learn more about the past.

Trophy tip: Breadth is better than depth, try finding a few of each!

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