Access the PS5 console User's Guide

How to access the PS5 console User's Guide

Find out how to access and navigate the User's Guide for PlayStation®5 consoles.

How to access the PS5 console User's Guide

  1. From your PS5™ console's home screen, go to Settings > User's Guide, Health and Safety, and Other Information.

  2. Select User's Guide.

What is the PS5 console User's Guide?

The User's Guide introduces the main functions and settings for your PS5 console, as well as tips for expert use. The User's Guide can be accessed from the PS5 console Settings menu.

How to navigate the PS5 console User's Guide

You can use the following buttons on your wireless controller to navigate the PS5 console User's Guide.







Directional buttons

Move focus

Left stick

Move pointer

Right stick


Cross button


Circle button


To close this User's Guide and return to your original screen, press the options button and select Close. You can also press the circle button repeatedly until you return to your original screen.

  • You can change the appearance by switching "Theme" in the top right of the User's Guide.
  • The design and specifications of your console vary depending on the model. For details, refer to the instruction manual included with your console.

How to access PlayStation console manuals online

You can find the manuals for your PlayStation products by visiting the following guide:

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