PS5 console is making noise

PS5 console is making noise

During some games and applications, you may find that your PlayStation®5 console's cooling fan operates louder than usual.

Why is my PS5 console making noise?

This is normal and simply means the fan is temporarily working at a faster rate to cool the system more effectively. We recommend following the steps below to help prevent your PS5 console from overheating:

  • Ensure that the air vents on the sides and back of the PS5 console are not blocked or obstructed. Make sure there is at least 10 cm of free space around each side of the console. 
  • Do not place the console on a carpet or rug with long fibres. 
  • Do not place the console in a narrow or cramped space. Do not allow dust to build up in or around the PS5 console's air vents.

Clean dust from the air vents

For safety reasons, always disconnect the PS5 console's AC power cable from the rear of the system before cleaning. Use a low-powered vacuum cleaner to remove any dust that has accumulated in and around the air vents.

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