Personalize your DualSense Edge wireless controller

How to personalize your DualSense Edge wireless controller

Find out how you can personalize your controller’s stick caps, back buttons and trigger lengths.

How to swap DualSense Edge wireless controller stick caps

The DualSense Edge™ wireless controller comes with standard, high-dome, and low-dome caps. Choose a stick cap type that best fits your play style.

  1. Pull up on the stick cap that is attached to your controller.
    The cap lifts away.

  2. Align your chosen cap type with the stick and push down to secure.

You can also replace the stick module if it doesn’t work properly or stops working.

How to attach back buttons to your DualSense Edge wireless controller

The DualSense Edge wireless controller comes with half-dome and lever back buttons. Choose a back button type that best fits your play style.

  1. The half dome back buttons are interchangeable.

  2. Insert the half dome back buttons into the back button slots.

  1. The right and left lever back buttons are not interchangeable. Check the button for a right (R) symbol or left (L) symbol before attaching them.

  2. Insert the lever back buttons into their corresponding back button slots.

Pull the back button (from where it attaches to the controller) towards the top of the controller, and lift it from the slot.

How to change the trigger length/stop of the L2/R2 buttons

You can set how far the L2 and R2 buttons go when you press them (stroke). Simply move the L2 and R2 stop sliders on the back of your controller.

Starting from the top, you can set the stroke to long stroke, medium stroke, and short stroke.

  • If you set the stop sliders to medium or shallow strokes, the trigger effect function doesn't work.

How to set DualSense Edge wireless controller profiles and settings

You can also personalize your controller stick sensitivity, deadzones, button assignments, vibration intensity, and trigger effect intensity by creating custom profiles.

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