How to use DualSense wireless controllers with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS

If you’d like to use your DualSense™ wireless controller with compatible games and applications on a supported device, you can connect via USB or Bluetooth® in a few steps.

DualSense wireless controller compatible devices

Devices using the operating systems listed below or later support DualSense wireless controller Bluetooth and USB connections. Once connected, you can use your wireless controller to control compatible games and applications.

macOS Big Sur 11.3 tvOS 14.5
iOS 14.5 Android 12
iPadOS 14.5  
  • Windows PC devices support the controller via a wired connection.
  • Depending on the device, certain features on the controller might not be available. There’s no guarantee that all devices are compatible with the controller. 
  • To check which Android devices support the DualSense wireless controller driver, please consult your device's manufacturer.

How to pair your DualSense wireless controller with a supported device

To pair your wireless controller with a supported device using Bluetooth for the first time, turn on pairing mode:

  1. Make sure the player indicator on the controller is off.
    If the player indicator is on, press and hold the PS button until it turns off. If a USB cable is connected to the controller, disconnect it.
  2. While pressing and holding the create button, press and hold the PS button until the light bar blinks.
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your device, and then select the controller from the list of Bluetooth devices.
    When pairing is complete, the light bar blinks, and then the player indicator lights up.

Your controller can be paired with only one device at a time. Each time you change devices you must pair the controller with the new device.

How to connect a DualSense wireless controller to a supported device via USB

Most Windows PC devices support the controller via a wired connection. 

You can connect your controller to a supported device using a USB cable with a Type-C connector.

DualSense wireless controller compatible games and applications

You can use your controller to play games streamed from your PS5® console or PS4® console to your supported device using the PS Remote Play app.

Your wireless controller can also be used to play games that support generic controllers.

Please note, some wireless controller features may not be available when paired with a supported device:

  • Create button* 
  • Touch page, light bar, and motion sensor
  • Haptic feedback
  • Speaker, Built-in microphone, and headphone jack audio connection
  • Adaptive triggers (Android only)

*In some cases, the Create button will be mapped to a separate function. 

How to reconnect a wireless controller to your PS5 console

To reconnect your wireless controller to your PS5 console, connect it to the console with a compatible USB cable and press the PS button on the wireless controller. You can then remove the USB and use the controller wirelessly.

Having issues with your DualSense wireless controller? 

If you've followed the above instructions but believe your controller isn't connecting properly, try resetting your controller.

If you've tried resetting your controller and are still having issues, please visit PlayStation Repairs.

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