Play in tournaments on PSN

 How to play in tournaments on PSN

Find out how to compete in tournaments over PlayStation™Network (PSN) on your PlayStation®5 console or PlayStation®4 console.

In some games, you can compete in tournaments to see how you rank. You first need to register for an upcoming tournament, and then join before the starting time on the day of the tournament. 

Please note, a PlayStation Plus membership is required to access this feature.

How to register for a tournament on PS5 consoles 

  1. From the game's hub or the control centre, select a card that says Tournament and Register Now.
    Details about the tournament are shown, such as the starting time and date, and any rewards you can earn. Select View All Details for estimated playtime, number of players, and tournament format.
  2. Select Register.
    The tournament rules appear. Be sure to read them carefully. 
  3. Select Accept.
    Registration is finished. Information about the tournament is shown, such as when it starts and rewards offered. When the tournament starts, you'll see the opponent you're matched with, as well as the Join Now button, on this screen. 
  • To see the tournament rules again or to cancel after you finish registering, select the tournament card from the control centre, and then select ... More. You can also invite your friends or other players to join the tournament. 
  • You'll get notifications to let you know that the tournament is starting soon, or if it gets cancelled. Enable notification pop-ups so you don't miss anything. 
  1. Select Events from the function screen.
  2. Select Tournaments, and then choose the tournament that you want to join.
  3. Select Register on the details screen for the tournament.
  4. For a team tournament, select a team to register, and then select who you want to join the roster.
  • When joining a tournament for the first time, you must enter your account information for the tournament platform provider. If you don’t have an account, create one on the platform provider's website.

How to join a tournament on PS5 consoles 

To find a list of upcoming tournaments, visit the Playstation Competition Centre.

  1. You'll get a notification when the tournament is about to start, and also when your match is coming up. 
  2. While the pop-up displays, press the PS button, and then select Join Now to join the match.
  • If you don't join by the starting time, your opponent wins by default. 
  • You can also join the match from the tournament card in the control centre.
  • If you win your match, you can move on to the next one. You'll be notified when your match opponent is assigned. Select Join Now to join each new match. 
  • If you select View Tournament Bracket on the tournament card, you can see the list of matches and your overall performance. 
  • After your match is finished, you'll get a notification. While the pop-up displays, press the PS button, and then select View Details to find out how you rank and who won. You can also see the results from the tournament card in the control centre.

You’ll receive a notification when the check-in period begins. For non-team tournaments, you must check in. For team tournaments, someone from the team’s roster must check in. After the check-in period has passed, you are unable to join the tournament.

  1. Select Check In on the details screen for the tournament. 
    After your opponent is decided, Tournament Matches appear in Your Events
  2. Select a tournament match, and then select Join Now.
    You can check how to start the match on the details screen for the match. Follow the instructions to start the match. 
  • To report the results after the match ends, select Report Result on the details screen for the match and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if a player quits or disconnects?
If another player leaves a tournament match, the player that stays in the game wins.

What happens if a player misses the tournament match?
If a player misses a tournament match, they automatically lose.

What happens if there’s a tie?
A coin toss will determine the winner.

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