Walk off the Earth…

When you fall, the whole world falls with you.


Defy known laws…

Gravity evolved

Upturn everything you know and return to a world where the laws of gravity are yours to bend or break as your will commands.

Kat and Raven return in Gravity Rush 2 to embark on another dizzying adventure where sometimes falling can feel like flying. Experiment with Kat’s newly evolved gravity-bending powers to change the direction of gravity and alter its strength at will.

Master the laws of physics as you explore an expansive world filled with story quests, challenges and monstrous demons. Use your powers together with the fully destructible environment to overcome your enemies in ways never imagined.

Challenge friends online using unique PS4 Share functions to battle for leader board places, mine for goodies or hunt treasure.

Important note:
You will no longer be able to use the following online features for this title after 6am (GMT), 19th July 2018:

  • Sending/receiving challenges.
  • Access to the rankings.
  • Receiving/posting treasure hunt hints.
  • Receiving/posting/reviewing photo ghosts.
  • Acquiring Dusty Tokens and rewards.

  • 1080p


  • Players

    1 Players

  • Network Features

    Network Features

  • PS4 Pro Enhanced

    PS4 Pro Enhanced


A more vibrant and dynamic experience

Enter a bright and bustling land, bursting with life. Manipulate gravity using the motion sensors of the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller to soar and traverse a vast and detailed open world, 2.5 times larger than the original. With a variety of missions and fun mini objectives, you’ve got plenty to keep Kat busy. 


Improved gravity action

Kat’s incredible gravity based powers have been given a boost in Gravity Rush 2. On top of her Normal style, Kat now has access to Lunar and Jupiter styles:

Lunar: Reduces gravity and makes Kat lighter and quicker.

Jupiter: Increases gravity, slowing down Kat’s movements but making her more powerful.

Each style offers unique attacks that you can seamlessly switch between and combine to devastating effect. 

Tag-team battle system

Partner up with other computer-controlled allies, such as the formidable Raven, and tackle more heavy duty opposition – make sure no one can withstand your spectacular tag-team attacks.    


Iconic art style

French “bande dessinée” comic book aesthetic is artfully blended with Japanese manga and anime influences to create a unique and beautiful atmosphere, with cityscapes and characters and brought to life in stunning detail on PlayStation 4.


Get to grips with Kat and Raven

Gravity Rush 2 demo

Try out the super-powered Gravity Rush 2 demo on PlayStation Store to turn your world upside down in two fantastic courses.

And if you’re looking for a few things to keep an eye out for in the floating city of Jirga Para Lhao, read our feature on PlayStation.Blog. 


Gravity shifters

Your high-flying heroines

The ill-fated yet much adored star of Gravity Rush. With her astonishing gravity powers at hand, it’s up to Kat to uncover the secrets behind the strange gravitational waves sweeping across Hekseville under the shadow of an immense gravity storm.

Upon meeting a mysterious crow, Raven eventually gained the power to shift gravity. Once rivals, now Raven is a valuable ally to the upbeat protagonist Kat. 


Enhanced for PS4 Pro

This game is PS4 Pro enhanced – which means it’s been updated to support the super-charged power of leading-edge technology.

Enjoy the benefits of enhanced graphics, frame rate or increased resolution – playable at 1080p on HD TV*.


Gravity Rush: The Animation - Overture

Discover what happened after the original Gravity Rush in the build up to Gravity Rush 2 with this wonderful 17-minute anime, produced by Studio Khara.


Power up

Gravity Rush 2 tips

Ensure that curiosity never kills Kat - become a gravity shifting master from the early hours of the game with these handy pointers. 

  • Get comfortable with the motion controlled aiming. Before Kat even gets her powers, you can look around some scenes by tilting and angling the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller. Don’t be afraid to try it out at this point in the game as there’s no real punishment for failure, and it becomes an invaluable skill to fall back on as you progress.
  • Think like a cat and aim high. The rooftops of the Banga Settlement are invaluable in building your confidence at high altitudes, as you can’t really die at this early stage, even if you fall off into the unknown. So use it as your playground and take to the slates – Kat will shake off any long drops like a pro, leaving you untouched for another attempt.
  • Constant gravity shifting can often disorientate, leaving you in the dangerous position of trying to land on the side of a structure, resulting in Kat immediately sliding off to her doom. If you’re not sure which way is up before you attempt to land, R3 on the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller is your best friend. Never forget that a little click of the right analogue stick will quickly correct your orientation, which is essential when your gravity gauge is on the verge of emptying. 
  • Early on in the game you’ll need to look around for Kat’s friend, Syd. The idea is to get you used to your gravity powers, but if you’re already well versed with flying there’s an easier way to get around Banga Settlement – simply jump on the nearest floating carrier ship for a quick and effortless tour of the area without having to lift a finger.
  • When you get your first Precious Gem to power up Kat, choose something which reflects your fighting style and what powers you’re comfortable with. For example, if you like to get into the face of your opponents, go for the Fighting Skill tree. Alternatively, the Stasis Field tree is your best bet if you like to attack from a distance and have the accuracy to make it count. Just as well you’ve been practicing your motion controlled aiming, right?
  • Stasis Field throw attacks can be ‘stacked’, meaning if you have several objects floating around you, firing them off in quick succession is as easy as repeatedly pressing a button without pause. This is especially handy for taking down tougher opponents, without trying to get too close.  
  • Your Stasis Field can also be used to gather objects which can deflect or destroy oncoming projectiles, meaning it offers an excellent method of defence when coupled with Kat’s slick evasion moves.
  • When battling some bosses, there’s no time limit, so don’t be afraid to keep your distance and wear them down with long range attacks until it’s time to get closer for a spectacular finishing move.  

Break the laws of gravity

Learn how to pull off Kat’s amazing gravity-shifting moves, see why sparkly gems can help during your adventures and discover how to take the upside down action online with the official gamer guide. 

Buy Gravity Rush 2 on PS4.

Buy Gravity Rush 2 on PS4.


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