Times change. DOOM is eternal.

Rip and tear your way through the demons of hell in the follow-up to 2016's critically-acclaimed DOOM.

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DOOM Eternal

  • PS4
PlayStation Plus required for online play
  • Release Date: 20.03.2020
  • Genre: Action / Shooter
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Developer: id Software

    Game overview

    The next evolution of the legendary FPS series from veteran developer id Software.

    Experience an unparalled combination of speed and power as you battle your way across dimensions in a visceral first-person action shooter from the studio that helped define the genre.

    As the DOOM Slayer, you return to Earth to find that the planet has suffered a demonic invasion.

    Discover the Slayer’s origins and his enduring mission to raze hell in a single-player campaign mode, or jump into the intense competition of BATTLEMODE, the new 2-vs-1 multiplayer experience created by id Software.



    Key features

    A whole new arsenal

    Armed with a shoulder-mounted flamethrower, retractable wrist-mounted blade, upgraded guns and mods, and abilities like the Double Dash, you're faster, stronger and more versatile than ever.

    Survive and thrive

    Take what you need from your enemies: Glory kill for extra health, incinerate for armour and chainsaw demons to stock up on ammo as you become the ultimate demon-slayer.

    Vivid new locations

    Witness the tumbling skyscrapers of Hell on Earth, battle through a mammoth invasion on Phobos and discover ancient secrets of the DOOM universe.

    Enter Battlemode

    Enter a new 2-vs-1 multiplayer experience custom built at id Software. A fully-armed DOOM Slayer faces off against two player-controlled demons, fighting it out in a best-of-five match of intense first-person combat.


    See it in action

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    Buy Digital

    Available on PlayStation Store

    Receive the Rip and Tear Pack, including a digital copy of DOOM 64, the DOOT Revenant Skin and Cultist Base Master Level when you pre-order any edition of DOOM Eternal on PlayStation Store.


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