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Released 29/09/2022
  • Offline play enabled
  • 1 player
  • Remote Play supported
  • PS5 Version
    Vibration function and trigger effect supported (DualSense wireless controller)

What is Valkyrie Elysium?

Here begins the tale of a new Valkyrie.

Valkyrie Elysium is the latest title in the 'Valkyrie' series that depicts the 'death of humankind' and 'the existence of gods' with a unique worldview based on Norse mythology. 

As the first action-RPG of the series, Valkyrie Elysium retains the familiar special attacks and combo system while taking it to the next level with a new three-dimensional, fast paced battle system.

Valkyrie Elysium boasts a unique art style that beautifully depicts a collapsing world caused by the onset of Ragnarök, and composer Motoi Sakuraba (Valkyrie series, Tales series, Star Ocean series) returns to create a captivating original soundtrack.

Valkyrie Elysium key features

Exhilarating battles

As the first action-RPG in the series, battles have evolved to become intuitive and three-dimensional. 

Along with Einherjar who fight alongside Valkyrie, familiar special moves from the series and combo systems are still in place.


Einherjar are spirits that serve Valkyrie. In Valkyrie Elysium, the story revolves around the dynamics between Valkyrie and Einherjar.

In battle, they fight alongside Valkyrie and play a supporting role, assisting in combos and imbuing elements while summoned. 

Upgrade and customise

Upgrade your weapons, skills, and Einherjar/Divine Arts combos to customise your playstyle. 

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