How to put on and adjust your PS VR2 headset 

How to put on and adjust your PS VR2 headset

Find out how to wear your PlayStation®VR2 headset and what adjustments you can make to improve comfort and image quality.

How to put on your PS VR2 headset

Make sure the headset lenses are clean before putting it on.

  1. Press the scope adjustment button, and pull the scope all the way out.  
  2. Press the headband release button on the rear of the headset. While pressing this button, pull the headband back and slide it over your head so it fits over the lower back of your head.
  3. Turn the headband adjustment dial clockwise to tighten the headband and lock it in position. If you want to loosen the headband, press the headband release button.
  4. Press the scope adjustment button and bring the scope closer to your face.
  5. Adjust the distance between the lenses using the lens adjustment dial.
  • You can keep your glasses on while wearing the VR headset.
  • The focal distance of PS VR2 is approx 2m.
  • The scope is adjustable from 59 mm to 72 mm.

Positioning tips for your PS VR2 headset 

  • When wearing the headset, place one hand on the back of the headband and the other hand on the scope to adjust the position.
  • Position the headband close to your ears.
  • Note that the headset won’t be stable if worn high on your head.
  • Separate your hair so that it doesn’t cover the lenses.

How to adjust PS VR2 visibility

  1. Press the PS button to open the Control Centre and select the PlayStation VR2 card.
  1. Select Adjust Visibility and follow the on-screen instructions to adjust the visibility.
  • Adjust the headband and the scope by moving them up, down, left, and right to find the best position. 
  • Use the scope adjustment button to adjust the position of the scope. If the scope is too far away from the forehead, you may experience issues.
  • Adjust the distance between the lenses using the lens adjustment dial.
  • When you find the best position, tighten the headband by turning the headband adjustment dial to lock the position. 

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