How to appeal a permanent suspension on PSN

How to appeal a permanent suspension on PlayStation™Network

Find out if you are eligible to appeal a permanent suspension on PlayStation Network (PSN).

Can I appeal my permanent suspension?

If PlayStation Safety determines that you have uploaded or shared content that breaches our Community Code of Conduct, your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended depending on the severity of the offense. You can be suspended for sharing explicit, hateful, or graphic content in text, audio, images, or videos.

You may be eligible to appeal the suspension if you fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Your account is permanently suspended. We are not accepting appeals for temporary suspensions at this time. 

  2. The suspension is due to a breach of our Code of Conduct. 

  3. You have not previously appealed this suspension. 

  4. You review and accept the Terms and Conditions on the form. 

  5. You agree to comply with the Code of Conduct and our Terms of Service and User Agreement whenever using PlayStation services.

Why can't I access my account?

If you are experiencing issues signing in to your account, please visit the following articles for troubleshooting steps:

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