Apex Legends seasonal updates and news

Discover the latest updates in the world of Apex Legends, including new Seasons, events and more.

Time to drop in hotter


The Legends are upgraded, Ranked is reloaded and that’s just the beginning.

Use Legend Upgrades to boost your Armor and Abilities. Earn Breakout Rewards when six Legends get unlocked throughout the season. Complete challenges to keep them and work toward even more rewards. Compete in Ranked, with new updates to the mode. And sharpen your edge in the Breakout Battle Pass, where cold steel meets colder fits. 

Flex your style throughout the season and make your name known through the Outlands and beyond.

What's new in Apex Legends: Breakout?

Legend upgrades

Hit different with Legend Upgrades, an in-match progression system that deepens the Apex Legends experience. Earn EVO to level up your Legend and upgrade your armor and abilities. Every match is a chance to try fresh strategies, so drop in - the possibilities are legendary.

Breakout rewards

Every 2 weeks, a new Legend becomes free-to-play for the season. Seer (February 13), Fuse (February 27), Rampart (March 12), Mad Maggie (March 26), Loba (April 9) and Valkyrie (April 23) each come with a set of season-long challenges to permanently unlock them, plus cosmetics, Battle Pass Stars and more. Work towards unlocking even more rewards including a Reactive Flatline skin, a Legendary skin for Wraith and more when you complete all Breakout Rewards Challenges.

New Mixtape map

New to Mixtape is Thunderdome, a.k.a. the deadliest entertainment venue on the Frontier! Modernized with killer upgrades to make your Legend known across the Outlands and beyond. Hit the Mixtape Playlist for Gun Run, Team Deathmatch and Control in new POIs. Stay ready, you’re on the main stage now.

Breakout Battle Pass

Shred squads with the 'Buzz Kill' Reactive R-99 at Level 100. Storm the shadows with Lifeline's Legendary 'Code Blue' at Level 50. Unlock Epic skins for Fuse, Crypto and Ash. Earn banner frames, emotes, weapon charms and more.

Complete the Breakout Battle Pass to unlock the Reactive R-99 recolor 'Kill Joy'. Want a head start? Get the Premium Bundle to get the first 25 levels and rewards.

Customize and conquer

Unlock this season's battle pass for 950 Apex Coins or fully tailor the look of your favorite Legends with weapon and character skins, camos, banners, badges and more, all available to purchase with Apex Coins via Apex Legends' in-game store.

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Exclusive content

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Ready up for the Apex Games with the PlayStation Plus Play Pack, with a set of Rare cosmetics to help flex your style across the Outlands. 

The pack includes:

  • Vantage Rare Character Skin - 'Processing Power'
  • Gibraltar Rare Character Skin - 'Processing Power'
  • Volt Rare Weapon Skin - 'Macro Chip'
  • Longbow Rare Weapon Skin - 'Macro Chip'
  • Vantage and Gibraltar Rare Banner Frame - 'Key Data'

Requires Apex Legends on applicable platform (available separately) and all game updates. Other conditions and restrictions apply. See ea.com/legal for details.