Troubleshoot PS4 console picture and sound issues

How to troubleshoot PS4 console picture and sound issues

Find out how to resolve picture and sound issues on PlayStation®4 consoles.

If you are experiencing sound issues that started from a previous software update, please update to the most current system software for your console.

Check your cables and ports

  1. Connect your PS4™ console directly to your TV/display's HDMI port.
    Removing all other audio or video devices may resolve picture or sound issues.
  1. Verify that the TV/display is on the correct channel.
  2. Confirm that your TV/display's system software is up to date and that the firmware has the latest version. Refer to the manufacturer's user manual for any additional settings that may need to be enabled to support high-resolution signals. 
  3. Try using a different HDMI cable. 
  4. Try using a different HDMI port.

Check your HDMI cable

If you're using an HDMI cable other than the one supplied with your PS4 console, make sure that the High Speed HDMI Cable or Premium High Speed HDMI Cable is compatible with your PS4 console.

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