Key Value
pointsHistory_title Points History
pointsHistory_pointExpirationDate Point expiration date: {date}
pointsHistory_transactionNumber Transaction number
noPoints_label No point history
noPoints_description Campaigns are a great way to earn points. So go out there and start one!
pointsHistory_noMoreItemsToScroll No more transactions present
transactionTypes_purchase PlayStation Store
transactionTypes_refund Adjustment
transactionTypes_discretionary Adjustment
transactionTypes_campaign Campaign
transactionTypes_redeemed Redeemed
transactionLabels_purchase Points eligible purchase
transactionLabels_refund Refunded Purchase
transactionLabels_campaign Campaign completed!
transactionLabels_redeemed PlayStation Stars Reward
transactionLabels_collectible Collectible
transactionLabels_wallet_credit Wallet Funds
transactionLabels_discretionary PlayStation Support
transactionSecondaryLabels_discretionary Adjusted by PlayStation Support
transactionSecondaryLabels_refund Item returned
transactionSecondaryLabels_refund_productName Refunded points for {productName} return
success_view_transactions View your activity
reacceptBanner_link_text Renew Terms of Service
reacceptBanner_description Please be aware that if you want to see your PlayStation Stars status, you need to acknowledge and agree first.
reacceptBanner_title We have updated PlayStation Stars Terms of Service.
PSApp_description Scan the following QR code using the camera from your mobile device to open the store and get the app.
PSApp_title Unlock the full power of PlayStation Stars with PlayStation App
success_description Earn rare and above trophies and purchase full games on PlayStation store to increase your status level.
success_subtitle You're Level {number}
success_title Off to a great start!
waitlistBanner_description <p>You have been successfully added to the PlayStation Stars waitlist.</p><p>Please be patient as we accept new members on a rolling basis.</p><p>You'll be notified by email when you're off the waitlist in up to 2 months.</p>
waitlistBanner_title You're on the waitlist!
waitlist_learnMore Learn More
waitlist_description Please be patient as we accept new members on a rolling basis. You'll be notified by email when you're off the waitlist in up to 2 months. Note that your place on the waitlist will be the same even if you cancel and sign up again.
waitlist_subtitle You're on the waitlist!
waitlist_title Hang tight
privacySettingsCustomize_radios_description_2 Your display case is where you can show off your collectibles to other players. This is limited to players with adult accounts on PlayStation Network in supported regions.
privacySettingsCustomize_radios_title_2 Who can see your display case
privacySettingsCustomize_radios_description_1 Control who can see your PlayStation Stars level. This is limited to players with adult accounts on PlayStation Network in supported regions.
privacySettingsCustomize_radios_title_1 Who can see your PlayStation Stars level
privacySettingsCustomize_title PlayStation Stars Privacy Settings
privacySettings_customize Customize
privacySettings_radios_description_2 Only your friends on PlayStation Network will be able to see your PlayStation Stars level and display case.
privacySettings_radios_title_2 Visible only to friends
privacySettings_radios_description_1 Your PlayStation Stars level and display case will be publicly visible.
privacySettings_radios_title_1 Visible to anyone
privacySettings_title PlayStation Stars Privacy Settings
privacySettings_description Control who can see your PlayStation Stars level and display case.
privacySettings_disclaimer This is limited to players with adult accounts on PlayStation Network in supported regions.
tos_continue Accept and Continue
tos_title PlayStation Stars Terms of Service
join_checkbox By selecting I Agree, you're confirming that you've understood and accept the PlayStation Stars <a class="sky__tos-link" href="javascript:void(0);">Terms of Service</a> and the privacy policy.
join_features_description_3 Showcase your progress through the four status levels and acquire exclusive digital collectibles! Increase your status level by purchasing full games on PlayStation Store and earning trophies of rare and above rarity.
join_features_title_3 Level up
join_features_description_2 Redeem points for PS Store items like games, add-ons, wallet funds, and digital collectibles! Points expire 24 months after you earn them.
join_features_title_2 Redeem points
join_features_description_1 Start your PlayStation Stars journey and earn rewards for completing campaigns. PlayStation Plus members also earn points on eligible PlayStation Store purchases.
join_features_title_1 Earn points and digital collectibles
join_description Use your gaming skills to collect unique digital collectibles and earn rewards
join_title Join PlayStation Stars