PlayStation® Protection Plan Terms

The term “Product” means your PlayStation® system.

Please note: the system software pre-installed in the Product or subsequently provided via updates or upgrade releases is licensed to you, not sold, and is for use only as part of the Product. The terms of such system software licence are at

Any claim made under the PlayStation®Protection Plan will be dealt with by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited (“SCEE”) of 10 Great Marlborough Street, London, W1F 7LP, United Kingdom.  Any replacement or repair of the Product will be handled at official SCEE service centres.  Sony Europe Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 02422874 and its address at The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0XW, United Kingdom, is acting as SCEE’s sales agent and you will be required to accept Sony Europe Limited’s terms and conditions of sale.

The PlayStation®Protection Plan is in addition to your statutory consumer rights (under applicable law) and does not affect them in any way.  You should also be aware that extended warranties may be available from third party providers, and that some household insurance policies may include cover for your Product.

A PlayStation®Protection Plan may be purchased up to 360 (three hundred and sixty) days after purchase of the relevant Product and you may be required to produce valid proof of purchase of such Product.  You will be issued with a document setting out details of your PlayStation®Protection Plan (the “Registration Document”)  either in-store or by email once you have purchased your PlayStation®Protection Plan. The Registration Document together with these terms will form your contract with SCEE.  You will need to refer to the details set out in the Registration Document should you wish to make a claim.

SCEE will, for a period of 2 (two) years from the expiry of SCEE’s manufacturer guarantee (the “PlayStation®Protection Plan Period”), at its option, repair or replace  this Product, free of charge, where it is faulty due to defective materials or workmanship. Replacement will be with a new or, at SCEE’s option, refurbished  system, which is guaranteed for the longer of 3 (three) months and the remainder of the  PlayStation®Protection Plan Period. This PlayStation®Protection Plan does not cover your data; any software or PlayStation games whether or not packaged or included with the Product; any PlayStation peripherals or any PlayStation accessories.


1. If you need to claim under this  PlayStation®Protection Plan, please use your local PlayStation Support helpline or email address shown below for return instructions.

2. Claims made under this PlayStation®Protection Plan are only valid if:

a.  Any guarantee seal and the serial number on the Product have not been damaged;

b. There is no evidence that any attempt (successful or otherwise) has been made to open or remove the casing of the Product.

3. SCEE may elect at its option to repair or replace the Product.

4. Repair or replacement may involve installation of the latest software or firmware updates for the Product.

5. Products with Removable Hard Disk Drive (“HDD”)

a. Products with a removable HDD must be returned with the HDD when arranging for service under this PlayStation®Protection Plan.

b. Repair or replacement of the Product will involve reformatting that HDD.

c. You understand and agree that reformatting of the HDD will result in loss of your stored data, files and software. To avoid loss of any software, data or files which you wish to retain, before submitting the Product with the HDD for service under this PlayStation®Protection Plan you should, where possible, back  these up and remove them from the HDD. Clearing your PlayStation®Network password will help protect any information you consider confidential.

6. To avoid damage to or loss or erasure of other removable data storage media, peripherals, accessories or non-original components, you must remove them before submitting the Product for PlayStation®Protection Plan service.

7. You understand that the PlayStation®Protection Plan does not cover stored data, files or software and you agree that SCEE is not liable to you for any loss or corruption of your data, files or software in connection with your exercise of this PlayStation®Protection Plan.

8. You should back up your HDD regularly to prevent loss or alteration of data, files or software although some content cannot be backed up and must be reinstalled by the user.

9. You may not claim under this PlayStation®Protection Plan when the Product is damaged as a result of:

a. commercial use, accident, fair wear and tear, negligence, abuse, or misuse (including, without limitation, failure to use this Product for its normal purpose and/or in accordance with instructions on proper use and maintenance, or installation or use in a manner inconsistent with applicable local technical or safety standards);

b. use in conjunction with any unauthorised peripheral or component (including, without limitation, game enhancement devices, HDDs, adaptors and power supply devices);

c. any adaptation or adjustment to, or alteration of, the Product carried out for any reason, and whether properly carried out or not;

d. maintenance or repair or attempted maintenance or repair carried out other than by a SCEE-authorised service facility;

e. use of unauthorised software, virus infection, fire, flood or other natural calamity; or

 f. operation or treatment of the Product inconsistent with normal personal or domestic use or operation outside the Product specifications.

10. You may not claim under this PlayStation®Protection Plan where you are in material breach of your system software licence (see

11. To the extent permitted by applicable law, SCEE’s only obligation under this PlayStation®Protection Plan is to repair or replace Products subject to these terms and conditions. All other guarantees, warranties, terms and conditions, express or implied by statue or otherwise, in respect of this Product are excluded and neither SCEE nor any other Sony entity or its or their suppliers or authorised service facilities, will be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential loss or damage including loss of data, howsoever arising.

12. We reserve the right to refuse to repair and/or replace the Product if you do not have your original Registration Document for the Product and SCEE cannot find the details of your PlayStation®Protection Plan.

13. Your PlayStation®Protection Plan cannot be transferred to any other equipment.

If this Product needs any repair which is not covered by this PlayStation®Protection Plan, please call your local PlayStation Support helpline for advice.

UK PlayStation Support:

tel: 0203 5382665

Data Use Statement

a.  Sony Europe Limited, as SCEE’s sales agent, may ask you to provide certain information about you and your PlayStation® system when you purchase the PlayStation®Protection Plan. It may also receive information from SCEE when you make a claim under the PlayStation®Protection Plan, including details of any PlayStation® system you submit for repair/ replacement. Sony Europe Limited may use this information to process your purchase, administer and contact you in relation to your PlayStation®Protection Plan, and for training and testing purposes. Sony Europe Limited may share your details with a regulator or dispute resolution provider in the event of an issue. To help keep your details up to date, Sony Europe Limited may use information received from its partners. It may also receive other information about you when you use its websites. See the Sony Europe Limited privacy policy for more details (available via

b.  SCEE may receive information from Sony Europe Limited about your PlayStation®Protection Plan, including details of the PlayStation® system that is covered. SCEE may also ask you to provide certain information when you submit a console for repair/ replacement. SCEE may use this information in accordance with the PlayStation Privacy Policy (available via, including sharing details with a regulator or dispute resolution provider in the event of an issue, processing any claim you may make and confirming whether a PlayStation® system submitted for repair/ replacement is covered by the PlayStation®Protection Plan.

c. Sony Europe Limited’s third party broker and underwriter receive information from Sony Europe Limited about your PlayStation®Protection Plan as necessary to process PlayStation®Protection Plans and any claims made under them. This information is not generally personal in nature but may include details of the PlayStation® systems that are covered.

d. If you have any queries about how your data is used in accordance with the PlayStation®Protection Plan, or to exercise your rights (including data access and amendment rights), please contact Sony Europe Limited and SCEE using contact details given in their respective privacy policies.