Samurai Gunn 2

Scrambler / Peow Studio
Available on
Released 2023
Online Play Optional
PS Plus Required for Online Play
What is Samurai Gunn 2?

Jump, slash, shoot and dash through this one-hit kill platform fighter.

Run up walls, turn invisible, even shoot bombs with an updating cast of Samurai and crossover game characters (including Spelunky, Minit and Among Us) in fast, action-packed 2D versus combat.

Gunn City is a medieval metropolis on the brink of crisis. 

In the graphic novel tie-in, a mad emperor pushes to expand the city at a ridiculous pace, while an epidemic of gunnpowder overdoses is on the rise and old spirits are creeping back into the world.

A princess, a golem, a samurai knight and a homeless girl all have a part in rewriting the fate of Gunn City forever.

Samurai Gunn 2 key features

Don't blink!

Samurai Gunn 2 is a super fast online party fighter. With just 3 bullets and a sword, experience the thrill of one-hit versus action.

Co-op and solo adventure mode

Will you find all the secrets alone or with the help of friends? Take on challenging levels and carve your own path in the new co-op Adventure mode.

Full-length graphic manga novel

Included with Samurai Gunn 2, learn the epic backstory of the infamous Gunn City in Trigger Soul, a new graphic novel by Valentin Seiche.