Tales from the Borderlands

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Released 17/02/2021
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All five episodes of the award-winning sci-fi adventure collected in one package

When a shady deal goes sideways, ambitious middle manager Rhys and professional grifter Fiona form an uneasy alliance to recover the fortune that they both think they're owed.

In this narrative adventure set between the events of Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3, you'll have to make big decisions that shape the direction of the story. Can you lead this duo to greatness?

This definitive re-release brings the full five-episode story together for the first time.

Tales from the Borderlands key features

A galaxy of characters

Encounter familiar villains and Vault Hunters, as well as a host of memorable new characters, from friendly faces to mortal enemies.

Matters of life and death

Your decisions will influence every aspect of the story, including the paths you take and the relationships your forge. The fate of certain characters' lives are in your hands.