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Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XVI

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time adventurer, this expansive PlayStation 5 exclusive has plenty to discover. 

Enter a land of Mothercrystals and magicks

What is the story of Final Fantasy XVI?

Final Fantasy XVI introduces a brand-new story, world and characters that require no knowledge of the previous games to understand and enjoy.

In the land of Valisthea, mountainous Mothercrystals have blessed its occupants with aether. This precious element has fuelled the magicks that have allowed empires to flourish in the light of their source for centuries.

However, the light of the Mothercrystals is fading and once-abundant realms have become barren deadlands due to a mysterious Blight. The uneasy alliance between the powers that formed around each Mothercrystal is fading too, and as the Blight threatens to destroy everything they have built, a great age of peace and prosperity will soon make way for a new age of war and uncertainty.

Fate will fall

Final Fantasy XVI is the first fully fledged action-RPG in the mainline Final Fantasy series. Playing as Clive Rosfield, a man on a mission to free mankind from its fate, you will explore the diverse land of Valisthea and use the spectacular Eikonic powers at your disposal to overcome powerful enemies.

What are the key locations in Final Fantasy XVI?

Each Mothercrystal in the land of Valisthea is controlled by empires with contrasting motivations and beliefs. 

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Is Final Fantasy XVI an open-world game?

While the entire world of Valisthea is available for you to explore, Final Fantasy XVI is not an open-world experience.

Instead, each of its many beautifully detailed areas are large, self-contained spaces that offer a great deal of freedom to explore, battle and seek out adventure.

Who is the main character of Final Fantasy XVI?

Unlike previous Final Fantasy games, you will only have direct control over one character throughout your adventure.

From blade-wielding teen to vengeful adult warrior

Clive Rosfield is the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria. When fate denies him his assumed birth right, Clive dedicates his efforts to mastering the blade and emerges as a prodigious swordsman. At age 15 he becomes First Shield of Rosaria, charged with defending his brother Joshua and the Phoenix, Eikon of Fire.

Tragedy at the hands of the dark Eikon Ifrit bring Clive’s short-lived career to an end, setting him on a dangerous road to revenge. Much of Final Fantasy XVI’s events take place in the aftermath of this life-changing event, as you control an adult Clive who has been shaped by the ensuing 13 years of tumult.

Eikons and Dominants

The iconic summons from previous Final Fantasy games are reimagined as Eikons. In Final Fantasy XVI, Eikons are known throughout Valisthea for their incredible power.

Many of Valisthea’s realms have what is known as a Dominant, a human who has inherited an Eikon and can call upon their might. Clive Rosfield was expected to become Rosaria’s new Dominant, but his younger brother received the blessing instead.

Dominants are powerless to resist their fate – and for those who happen to awake as Dominant in a region that despises them, it could spell a cruel end.

Who are Clive's allies in Final Fantasy XVI?

Meet the friends and family members who will cross paths with Clive Rosfield on his journey.

Clive's best friend

While other companions come and go, Torgal remains as a faithful ally. You can command your obedient hound to aid you in battle by attacking enemies and even providing a healing howl. Time your orders right, and Torgal can help to leave your foes open to devastating air juggle combos.

Allied assault

As the story progresses, certain allies will temporarily join Clive’s party. However, you have no direct control over their actions, allowing you to stay focused on Clive’s extensive combat abilities.

Who will Clive battle in Final Fantasy XVI?

A selection of the powerful and power-hungry Dominants that Clive will face on the battlefield.

How does combat work in Final Fantasy XVI?

As the first fully fledged action-RPG in the mainline Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XVI boasts an exhilarating new combat system.

Action that can't wait

Fights now take place in real time, with Clive able to perform perfectly timed strikes, combos, dodges and Eikon attacks. Unlike Dominants, Clive can harness the power of multiple Eikons in the heat of battle. By pressing the L2 button, you can instantly switch between Eikons in your possession and utilise their unique skills, even mid-combo.

An extensive upgrade system lets you learn and enhance swordplay techniques and Eikonic abilities. Choose the ones that match your playstyle, or feel free to experiment, safe in the knowledge that you can refund your Ability Points and reallocate them whenever you wish.

A Final Fantasy for all

The makers of Final Fantasy XVI have a solution for fans of the previous games who might struggle with the switch to real-time combat: Story-Focused mode. Choosing this option when starting a game will make items called Timely Accessories available.

These are effectively accessibility options built into the game’s inventory, providing you with options like the ability to slow down time when enemies attack or perform combos with a single button, as well as passive buffs to your stats. Timely Accessories can be activated or removed at any time, allowing you to enjoy the adventure the way you want.

Clash of the Eikons

At key moments in the game, Eikons will engage in gargantuan one-on-one battles. Each Eikon Clash is different to the last, but all take place on an unprecedented scale for Final Fantasy. From pro wrestling-inspired, kaiju-style brawls to ‘rail shooter’-inspired aerial encounters, every Eikon Clash promises a cinematic spectacle to be savoured.

Will you free mankind from its fate?

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