The best new and upcoming PS5 games of 2024

Discover the best upcoming games for PlayStation 5 that you can look forward to playing in the year ahead.


Join ASTRO in a brand-new, supersized space adventure! The PS5® mothership has been wrecked, leaving ASTRO and the bot crew scattered all over the galaxies.

Time to ride your trusty Dual Speeder across more than 50 planets full of fun, danger and surprises. On your journey, make the most of ASTRO’s new powers and reunite with many iconic heroes from the PlayStation universe!

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Blue seas, clear skies, and boundless possibilities await in Dawntrail, the newest expansion pack for the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV Online. Explore uncharted territories with familiar faces as you discover new tribes, confront formidable threats and expand your horizons as hope's light dawns again.

Zenless Zone Zero

From the creators of Genshin Impact comes a brand-new, urban fantasy action-RPG. Venture into a post-apocalyptic world, explore perilous Hollows, and unveil the mysteries behind the last beacon of hope for human civilization.

Until Dawn

Rebuilt and enhanced for PS5 consoles and PC – Until Dawn invites you to relive the nightmare, and immerse yourself in a gripping slasher horror where every decision you take can make the difference.


Assemble your Freegunner crew and travel the Concord galaxy to compete with rival teams in a 5v5 character-driven FPS for PlayStation® 5 and PC. Set in a vibrant original sci-fi universe, Concord is a new team-based shooter where you assume the role of the crew of the Northstar – a group of misfits, outlaws and adventurers working as guns-for-hire. 

Dragon Age: The Veilguard

Welcome to Dragon Age™: The Veilguard. Enter the world of Thedas, a vibrant land of rugged wilderness, treacherous labyrinths, and glittering cities – steeped in savage combat and secret magics. Now, the fate of this world teeters on a knife's edge.

Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater

Re-discover the origin story of iconic military operative Snake and unravel the plot of the legendary METAL GEAR series. METAL GEAR SOLID Δ: SNAKE EATER re-envisages the immersive stealth action gameplay of the PS2 classic with modern audio-visual design, returning players to the riveting world of METAL GEAR. 

The Last of Us Part II Remastered

Play the winner of over 300 Game of the Year awards now with an array of technical enhancements that make The Last of Us Part II Remastered the definitive way to play Ellie and Abby’s critically acclaimed story.

LEGO Horizon Adventures

Join machine hunter Aloy as she leads a colorful crew of heroes through the lush wilderness on a quest to save the world and learn the secrets of her past. Dive into boundless adventure, customize to your heart’s content, and take on action-packed battles solo or with friends.

Helldivers II

Join the Helldivers – Super Earth's Elite peacekeeping force - and fight for freedom with friends across a hostile galaxy in this fast, frantic third-person shooter. Do battle on two fronts, against the Automatons and Terminids, as you struggle to uphold the ideals of liberty and managed democracy in a hostile galaxy.

Forever Skies

Forever Skies is a first-person post-apocalyptic survival game. Play it solo or in coop and return to Earth, ravaged by an ecological disaster. Build, fly, upgrade and customize your high-tech airship. Craft tools, and scavenge resources to survive. Face dangers on the surface and hunt for viruses to cure a mysterious illness.

The Casting of Frank Stone

The storytelling prowess of Supermassive Games (Until Dawn) meets the Dead by Daylight universe in a haunting horror game not soon to be forgotten. In the depths of an Oregon steel mill, the gruesome crimes of a sadistic killer spawn horrors beyond comprehension.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

An expansion featuring an all-new story set in the Land of Shadow, imbued with mystery, perilous dungeons, new enemies and items. Go beyond the Lands Between and explore a completely new world, traveling seamlessly between its vast maps interspersed with diverse situations and meticulous dungeons.

Stellar Blade

Work to rebuild Earth's last bastion of life, the city of Xion, in a fast-paced action-adventure from Korean developer Shift Up Corporation. Return to an nearly extinct Earth, overrun by a monstrous horde of creatures known as the Naytiba, and fight to restore mankind.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

After escaping from the dystopian city of Midgar, Cloud and his friends set out on a journey across the planet. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the highly anticipated next chapter in the Final Fantasy VII remake project - a reimagining of the iconic fantasy adventure by its original creators.

Towers of Aghasba

Towers of Aghasba is an open-world fantasy experience in which you must strike a balance between the villages that house your growing tribe and exotic ecosystems of otherworldly plant life that support them. Express your creativity, explore the land of Aghasba and connect with friends to show off your world!

Star Wars Outlaws

Experience the first-ever open world Star Wars game and explore distinct planets across the galaxy, both iconic and new. Risk it all as Kay Vess, an emerging scoundrel seeking freedom and the means to start a new life. Fight, steal and outwit your way through the galaxy’s crime syndicates as you join the galaxy’s most wanted.

Dragon's Dogma 2

The long-awaited sequel to Capcom's classic action-RPG, Dragon's Dogma 2 once again casts you in the role of the legendary Arisen. Shape your legend, from vocation and party, to weapon of choice and combat approach in an immersive fantasy setting filled with hidden secrets and monstrous foes.

Black Myth: Wukong

Black Myth: Wukong is an action RPG rooted in Chinese mythology and based on Journey to the West, one of the great novels of classical Chinese literature. Set out as the Destined One, venturing into battle and adventure to uncover the truth beneath the veil of a glorious legend.

Assassin's Creed Shadows

Become a lethal shinobi Assassin and a powerful legendary samurai as you explore a beautiful open world in a time of chaos. Switch seamlessly between two unlikely allies as you discover their common destiny. Master complementary playstyles, create your shinobi league, customize your hideout and usher in a new era for Japan.

Silent Hill 2

Explore Silent Hill searching for James' late wife in this psychological horror given new life. Take on the role of James Sunderland and venture into the mostly deserted town of Silent Hill in this highly anticipated remake of the 2001 classic.

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero 

DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO takes the legendary gameplay of the Budokai Tenkaichi series and raises it to new levels. Learn and master an incredible roster of playable characters across arenas that crumble and react to your power as you battle. 

The Plucky Squire

The Plucky Squire follows the magical adventures of Jot and his friends - storybook characters who discover a three-dimensional world outside the pages of their book. Help Jot face challenges unlike anything he's ever seen, save his friends from Humgrump's dark forces and restore the book's happy ending.

Sonic X Shadow Generations

Shadow the Hedgehog is back and teaming up with Classic and Modern Sonic in an all-new collection featuring two unique experiences! Play as Shadow the Hedgehog in a brand-new story campaign featuring never-before-seen powers and abilities and relive a legendary adventure in a complete remaster of Sonic Generations.

All featured titles scheduled for release in 2024 at the time of publication. Release timings for unreleased titles may be subject to change and can vary by region. Please check with the relevant publisher for the most up-to-date information.