What the bat?

Triband Production
Released 22/02/2023

- 100+ unique levels of slapstick comedy and craziness!
- 9 chapters with unique settings and baseball challenges
- Approximately 4 hours of playtime, but remember to take breaks!

- Get ready for the day, take a bath and make coffee with baseball bats for hands
- Iron your undies and tune your TV
- Already know how to fry an egg? Try it now without hands!
- Perform a heist in an art museum
- Learn how to pickle everything with bats
- Graffiti a wall and paint a horse!
- Find out what's up with the elephant in the room
- Limbo!
- Befriend a good doggo
- Destroy world famous art without consequences
- Actual baseball perhaps!
- Learn life lesson on how to create electricity
- Bat-sketball!
- Herd sheep with a UFO
- Play WHAT THE GOLF? #inception
- Put all your eggs in one basket, for a change
- Never trust the seagulls
- A space satellite romance?

Disclaimer: This game will not make you good at baseball.

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