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Released 16/05/2023
  • Online play optional
  • 1 player
  • 1 online player
  • Remote Play supported
  • PS5 Version
    VR play styles: sitting, standing, roomscale
  • PlayStation VR2 optional
  • PS VR2 Sense controllers optional
  • PS VR2 Sense controller vibration optional

What is Humanity?

The fate of all humanity is in your hands. Well, paws.

A unique blend of puzzle-solving and action-platforming, Humanity puts the fate of all mankind in your hands. Did we mention you’re a dog? 

You are a Shiba Inu charged with commanding massive, marching crowds to jump, turn, push, float, shoot and climb their way to salvation. Guide the masses through 90-plus stages filled with obstacles, enemies, puzzles, unlockable skills and wild boss fights in the narrative campaign. Browse a wide array of user-made levels (or build your own!) crafted via the super easy-to-use in-game Stage Creator.

Whether in 2D or optional VR Mode, watch as breath-taking swarms of people follow your commands to the exit, all in Humanity's stark iconic style, courtesy of director and celebrated visual designer Yugo Nakamura and famed game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez Infinite, Tetris Effect: Connected).

Humanity key features

Work like a dog

You’re a Shiba Inu now. Place commands to lead the people through a 90-stage story campaign that keeps the mechanics, puzzles and challenges fresh.

Create and share levels

Bring your ideas to life using the intuitive Stage Creator, be it a straightforward puzzle, action stage or even an artful sculpture.

Ready, and... action!

Devious puzzles and strategic thinking is broken up with more action-focused elements and platformer-like levels, even some epic boss battles.

Curated playlists, endless challenge

The User Stages browser features curated lists of community-created stages, updated regularly with new content.

What do you do (as a dog) in Humanity?

Humanity is a game like no other. Read on to learn more about how to control the masses in the extraordinary experience that awaits.

"I awoke one morning to find I was a dog."

Stranded at the end of the world, people have lost their sense of purpose. You awake as a dog, and join the people in a series of trials (i.e. stages), attempting to guide them towards pillars of light. 

Overcoming trials and successfully leading the people can require deep thought, sharp reflexes, or often a combination of both. Plus, things can get very crowded by the time you finally reach the goal, as the stage teems with swarms of people.

The people follow your commands

As people stream forth from the gates, it's up to you to guide them safely around the environment. Normally, you can place as many commands on the ground as you like.

But in some stages, commands will be limited, or you may need to set these instructions before the flow of people begins, or summon the people to follow you more directly.

Many challenges await

Keep Goldy safe

You'll find collectible figures known as Goldy scattered throughout the stages of Humanity.

The people desire these Goldy, and in exchange for collecting and guiding them to the goal you'll unlock new cosmetics, game functionality, and progress.

One small wrinkle: the Others also want Goldy. When the Others cross paths with these shining lifeforms, Goldy will walk with them instead!

Versus the Others

A rival group to the people appears as you progress through the story. They are different from the people but also desire Goldy.

Tensions between the Others and the people will rise and boil over, but... perhaps there's a way to resolve the conflict.

Rage against the Machines

A new threat to the people, the Machines monitor the trials and will eliminate any people detected. Stationary turrets, moving turrets, lasers, missile-firing spheres and more look to impede your progress.

Destroy the Cores

The Cores architected the trials you will face, and once you have proven yourself worthy, they offer you a final test of your skills. These range from large puzzle-based challenges to more action-oriented boss battles.

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