First Class Trouble

Versus Evil
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Release date: To be confirmed
  • PS Plus required for online play
  • Online play required
  • Supports up to 6 online players with PS Plus
  • PS5 Version
    Vibration function and trigger effect required
What is First Class Trouble?

Work together and against each other to survive in this party game

First Class Trouble is a party game where players must work together and against each other to survive a disaster.

Whether you play as one of the human Residents or the rebellious Personoids, you will have to use your wit (and the occasional flying champagne bottle) to stay alive. 

In First Class Trouble you either deceive or deduce your way to victory in a charming yet unsettling and often mischievous environment. Whether you do it sober or with a slight buzz, First Class Trouble will serve you a dangerous cocktail of difficult decisions and wacky possibilities.

The goal is to shut down the Central Artificial Intelligence Network (CAIN) of the luxurious intergalactic cruise ship ISS Alithea before it and its loyal Personoids take control of the ship.

First Class Trouble key features

Resident gameplay

Collect information about the passengers and deduce who you can trust and who to avoid. Collaborate with your fellow residents to eliminate the suspected Personoids before engaging in the shutdown of CAIN.

Personoid gameplay

Lie, disrupt and deceive your way through the ship among the residents to either reach CAIN and unleash its full potential or kill off the remaining residents to secure control of the vessel. Use your unique skills to communicate and navigate the ship in the shadows and kill off residents when they pose a threat to your identity.

Additional features

Character & Vroomba customization

Aboard the ISS Alithea, the customization possibilities are limitless. Shop for new clothes and accessories in the onboard mall using your hard-earned Infinity Coins. Use your spare cash to pimp that Vroomba (trademark not pending) of yours!

Endless kill scenarios

The ISS Alithea is the ultimate playground for happy accidents. Explore new ways to eliminate both friend and foe in each level. Environmental hazards such as fires, bad wiring and poorly hanging chandeliers can all be used to get rid of your fellow passengers when you find it convenient.