Accessibility settings on PS5 consoles

How to use accessibility settings on PS5 consoles

Learn how to customise your controller settings, set up display zoom, and enable closed captions using accessibility settings on PlayStation®5 consoles.

PS5™ console accessibility settings

To configure these settings, go to the home screen and select Settings > Accessibility.

How to customise controller settings on PS5 consoles

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Controllers to change the following controller settings:

  1. Turn on Enable Custom Button Assignments to use a custom button layout.

  2. Select Customise Button Assignments and select a controller button to change its button assignments. 

  3. When you are finished, select Confirm

Select Reset to return to the default layout.

Set the intensity of the controller vibration.

You can set the intensity of the trigger effect. The trigger effect feature lets you feel varying levels of tension and resistance from the L2 and R2 buttons in response to your gameplay. Experience this feature in games that support it.

Set the press and hold delay for the PS button or create button.

How to enlarge your display area on PS5 consoles

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Display > Zoom and then turn on Enable Zoom.

If you turn on Adjust Display Area to Movement, the display area automatically moves with your movement while zoomed in.

  1. While on the screen you want to enlarge, press the PS button and the square button at the same time.
    The zoom magnification changes with each press. You can use the right stick to move the display area.
  2. When the zoom magnification is to your liking, press the X button.
    The zoom magnification and display are set, and you can continue operations while zoomed in. If you turned on Adjust Display Area to Movement, the display area automatically moves with your movement while zoomed in.

The zoom function is unavailable with some features or apps, such as  

  • during Remote Play
  • while you're broadcasting
  • while you're sharing your screen using Share Screen or Share Play.

When using certain features, such as playing a game or watching disc-based media, the display area won't move even if Adjust Display Area to Movement is turned on.

  1. While zoomed in, press the PS button and the square button at the same time.
    You return to the magnification and display area adjustment screen.
  2. Press the circle button to end zoom.

How to customise display and text settings on PS5 consoles

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Display to change the following display and text settings:

Reverse text and background colours on the screen. When this setting is enabled, HDR (high dynamic range) is turned off.

Turn on Enable Colour Filter and choose a Colour Filter to provide alternative colour options. 

Drag the slider to adjust the colour Intensity.

Change text size.

Turn on to display text in boldface type.

Turn on to change the colour of text and backgrounds to improve contrast and legibility.

Set the speed of horizontal scrolling of text.

Turn on to reduce motion effects and screen movement.

How to turn on screen reader on PS5 consoles 

Screen reader reads aloud on-screen text. It also provides spoken guidance for operating the console.

Please note that the screen reader is available only in certain languages. The language spoken by the screen reader is tied to your console language.

To enable the screen reader and configure settings, go to the home screen and select Settings > Accessibility > Screen Reader.

You can do the following operations when text is being read aloud.

  • Pause/Play
    Press the PS button and triangle button at the same time.
  • Start reading from the beginning
    Press the PS button and R1 button at the same time.

Enable Screen Reader
Turn the screen reader on or off.

Speech Speed
Set the rate of speech.

Voice Type
Choose a voice.

Voice Volume
Drag the slider to adjust the volume of spoken text.

How to turn on closed captions in media on PS5 consoles

Closed captions help you follow along with what's being spoken on your screen, providing text for dialogue and audio cues. To enable and configure closed captions:

Go to  Settings > Accessibility > Closed Captions, and then turn on Display Closed Captions.

By default, what you're watching determines the way closed captions are displayed.

To customise how closed captions look on your screen, select Closed Captions Settings, turn off Display Closed Captions as Specified by Content, and then configure the following:

  • Font size, colour, edges, and opacity

  • Background colour and opacity, window colour and opacity

How to turn on chat transcription on PS5 consoles

The chat transcription feature (speech-to-text and text-to-speech) converts the voices of other players in voice chat in parties and supported games, and reads aloud text you enter to other players. Chat transcription in game chat is available only in games that support it.

To enable chat transcription and configure chat transcription settings, go to Settings > Accessibility > Chat Transcription:

Turn the chat transcription on or off.

Choose one of the available languages. Text you enter is read aloud and text you speak is transcribed in this language. By default, your console language is used as your spoken language. If your console language isn't supported, the spoken language defaults to English.

Choose a voice type to represent you. Other players in the voice chat hear this voice when text you enter is read aloud to them.

To use chat transcription, you'll need to be in a voice chat.

After you set up chat transcription, the voices of other players are converted to text and appear on the right side of the voice chat card.

If you want, let your keyboard do the talking for you. Select Say something and use the on-screen keyboard to enter text. The text you enter is read aloud to the other players in the Voice Type you chose.

Use Multitasking to see what other players in your voice chat are saying while doing something.

  • Press the options button or select Multitasking on the voice chat card, and then select either Picture-in-Picture or Pin to Side.
  • Quickly press the PS button twice to use chat transcription to enter text while in Picture-in-Picture or Pin to Side screen layout in voice chat.

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