How to change your Access controller settings 

Learn how to swap customization between Access™ controllers, adjust the brightness of the controller indicators, and more.

How to change your Access controller settings 

The main settings required to use your Access controller are configured when you complete the initial setup. 

  1. Go to the home screen and select Settings > Accessories.   
  2. Select Access controller.  
  3. Select one of the following settings to customize it. 

Profile Library

You can see your saved profiles here. You can edit a profile or create a new one.

Swap Controllers  

If you’re using two Access controllers, you can switch assigned profiles and controller names between them.

Display Button Toggle Status 

If you turn this on, your screen shows you which buttons are set on toggle mode, or pressed down continuously. Select which buttons you want to toggle from the Button Assignments screen. 

Brightness of Controller Indicators 

Adjust the brightness of the controller indicator on your Access controller.

Edit Controller Name

You can give your Access controller a name or edit the name of a controller.

Reset Your Controller

When you reset your Access controller, any profiles assigned to slots on the controller are deleted. But your saved profiles remain on your PlayStation®5 console.

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