Change online status on PSN

How to change online status on PlayStation Network

Learn how to switch between appearing online and offline to friends on your console or PlayStation®App.

When to change your online status on PlayStation™ Network

Online status lets you know the availability of a player. You can tell what a player's online status is by checking the icon on the player's profile or your friend list.

When you're signed in on multiple PlayStation®5 consoles, or on a PlayStation®5 console and a PlayStation®4 console, changing your online status on one device changes your status for all devices. 

You can configure the settings for who can see your online status by following the guide below.

How to appear offline on PlayStation Network

If you don’t want your friends to see that you’re online, you can choose to appear offline. The next time you log in, you retain the same online status from when you last logged out. 

You can appear offline in the following ways:

  • From the select user screen, press the options button, and select Appear Offline.
  • From the home screen select your profile, and then select Online Status > Appear Offline.
  • Press the PS button on your controller to open the control centre, select your Profile, and then select Online Status > Appear Offline.

You can appear offline in the following ways: 

  • From the home screen, go to Profile > Set Online Status > Appear Offline
  • Press the PS button to access the Quick Menu and select Online Status > Appear Offline

Please note that within a game, you might appear online to the other players. Also if you sign in to PlayStation Network on a PS3, PS Vita or PS TV, you'll appear online.

  • Tap Settings and scroll down to Console Management > Online Status > Appear Offline.


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