PlayStation Stars is available to users in eligible countries aged 18 or over that have an account for PlayStation Network.





Read these PlayStation Stars Terms of Service (“PlayStation Stars Terms”) along with the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement, see: ("PSN TOSUA"). These PlayStation Stars Terms supplement the PSN TOSUA. This means we will rely on these PlayStation Stars Terms and the PSN TOSUA when dealing with you and your Membership of PlayStation Stars.  When we refer to "Terms" in this document, we mean both these PlayStation Stars Terms and the PSN TOSUA. 


1.     When do these PlayStation Stars Terms apply?

1.1. These PlayStation Stars Terms apply to all adult PSN account holders who sign up for PlayStation Stars ("PlayStation Stars"). These terms apply in addition to the PlayStation Terms of Service and User Agreement ("PSN TOSUA") that apply to your PSN Account. In the event of any conflict between the PlayStation Stars Terms and the PSN TOSUA, the PlayStation Stars Terms apply to the extent of any inconsistency.


2.     Who are we?

2.1. We are Sony Interactive Entertainment Network Europe Limited, company number 06020283 (“SIENE”). SIENE is incorporated in England and Wales.


3.     Who can sign up for PlayStation Stars?

3.1. To be eligible, you must be 18 or over, have a PSN adult account and reside in a country/region in which PlayStation Stars is available.

3.2. To apply to join PlayStation Stars you need to agree to these PlayStation Stars Terms on either PlayStation’s Website or mobile via the PlayStation app.  You may be placed on a waitlist. You will be notified when you are accepted into PlayStation Stars and become a Member.

3.3. PlayStation Stars is for personal use by consumers and may not be used for any business or commercial purpose. Only one PlayStation Stars account per person.

3.4.  Your PlayStation Stars Membership, any Points, Collectibles, Additional Benefits or other items you collect or redeem through PlayStation Stars:

3.4.1.          cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded by you;

3.4.2.          are not your personal property;

3.4.3.          cannot be exchanged or redeemed for money or monetary value;

3.4.4.          have no real-world value; and

3.4.5.          Points are not PlayStation Gift Cards and are only awarded to you on a promotional basis.

3.5. You can choose to leave PlayStation Stars at any time. For further information on how to do this please see section 12 below.


4.      Defined Words and Phrases.


Defined words used in these PlayStation Stars Terms but not listed here will have the meaning given to them in the PSN TOSUA.


Additional Benefits” means any other special perks, benefits or rewards, that are not Collectibles or Points, that can also be obtained through PlayStation Stars.


Collectible” means a digital only item that is exclusively obtained through participation in PlayStation Stars and can be accessed in your PSN Account.


"Eligible Campaign" means points and/or Collectible earning activities available exclusively to Members. These include but are not limited to in-game activities, platform feature usage and some purchase promotions on PlayStation Store.


"Eligible Purchases" means points generating purchases made on PlayStation Store by PlayStation Plus subscribers using PSN Wallet or other forms of payment from their PS5, PS4, PS3 or PS Vita but excluding adding funds to your PSN Wallet via PlayStation Store and any purchases not made on PlayStation Store including the following: those made from, or similar URLs, and any purchases of physical discs, consoles, accessories, PlayStation Gift Cards or other physical items.


“Member” or “Membership” means a PSN account holder who has accepted the PlayStation Stars Terms, applied to become a member of PlayStation Stars and been accepted into it.


"PlayStation Gift Cards” means prepaid cards that allow PSN account holders to redeem PlayStation content or fund the PSN Wallet as described here:

“PlayStation Plus" means the paid for subscription service available to PSN Account holders. For more information about PlayStation Plus see


“PlayStation Website” means


"Points" means points given to Members for completion of Eligible Campaigns and/or for making Eligible Purchases or otherwise provided as part of PlayStation Stars.


5.     Points and Collectibles - General Rules

5.1. To earn Points or Collectibles you must be logged in to your PSN account at the time of participation and completion in an Eligible Campaign or an Eligible Purchase. Points and Collectibles cannot be added after this time, so you must make sure you’re logged into your correct PSN account before you start an Eligible Campaign or an Eligible Purchase. 

5.2. You cannot claim Points on Eligible Purchases made before you joined PlayStation Stars or if you complete an Eligible Campaign or Eligible Purchase when you are not logged into the correct PSN account associated with your Membership.

5.3. Points do not have any cash redemption value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

5.4. You will receive Points into your PlayStation Stars account after the Eligible Campaign was completed or the Eligible Purchase was made.

5.5. At this time, other than Eligible Purchases, any activity on PS3 console or PS Vita is not fully supported by PlayStation Stars.


6.      Eligible Campaigns

6.1. Points or a Collectible can be earned by participating in specified campaigns for Members.  The number of Points or the Collectible available for a particular campaign will be provided in the campaign details.

6.2.                  Points or a Collectible will only be earned where the Eligible Campaign has been fully completed in the specified time by you. Partial completion will not entitle you to any Points or a Collectible. All Members that complete the Eligible Campaign in the specified time will earn the Points or Collectible.

6.3. Eligible Campaigns may vary between Members and between markets and some may require a purchase in order to complete them.

6.4. There may be additional or other opportunities to earn Points or Collectibles from time to time and these offers may be time limited.


7.      Eligible Purchases (PlayStation Plus subscribers only)

7.1. Points can be earned on Eligible Purchases made by Members who are also PlayStation Plus subscribers and paid for using any of the PlayStation Store accepted payment methods including payments made using PSN Wallet. Points cannot be earned on Eligible Purchases made using product codes (or vouchers) that can be used to access free games or discounted games.

7.2. Points can be earned on Eligible Purchases that are subject to a PlayStation Plus discount or any other sale, promotion or discounted price. Points will be earned on the net value of the transaction after any discount is applied.


8.     What happens if you cancel or get a refund for an Eligible Purchase?

8.1. If you or we cancel a purchase for which you earned Points, we will deduct those Points from your account at the time we process the cancellation request and (if applicable) issue you with your refund.


9.     How do you access your Points and view your Collectibles?

9.1. You can find your current Points balance and view your Collectibles in your Profile when signed into your PSN Account on the PS App on mobile.


10.   Do your Points have an expiry date?

10.1.                Points earned will expire at the end of the month plus 24 months from the date on which they appear in your PlayStation Stars account balance


11.   How can you redeem your Points?

11.1.                Points can be redeemed for items in your personal reward catalogue, which will change from time to time and may include digital games, add-ons, in-game virtual currency, PlayStation-exclusive Collectibles and PSN Wallet funds.

11.2.                Points cannot be used for the purchase of physical discs, consoles, accessories or other physical items.

11.3.                There may be a limited number of a particular reward available, or they may be available for a limited time, and those rewards will be delivered on a first-come, first-served basis.

11.4.                Once you redeem a reward with Points, in some countries and/or regions, you have time to change your mind, cancel your purchase and get a refund. However, if you consent to immediate delivery of the digital content (such as a Collectible) or immediate supply of the service, we can provide them immediately to you and limit your right to cancel those orders provided we explain to you how that affects your cancellation rights. Because most of our customers want to use their purchases straight away, we design our purchase flows to get your consent to immediate delivery of digital content and services and we provide you with clear information about how that affects your cancellation rights. So, unless your purchase is faulty, or you have other rights to cancel your order under applicable local laws, when you redeem your Points with us you will not be able to change your mind and cancel your purchase once you begin to download the content or add credit to the PSN Wallet. 


12.  Cancellation of Membership

12.1.                You can choose to leave PlayStation Stars at any time by cancelling your Membership or by closing your PSN account. For more information see here:

12.2.                By leaving PlayStation Stars you will lose access to Membership and related benefits (including any Points and Additional Benefits).  If you re-join PlayStation Stars later you may be able to recover your previous Points balance, provided your Points have not expired in accordance with section 10 above.


13.  What happens if you breach the Terms?

13.1.                If you breach the Terms, we may take various actions as set out in section 25 of the PSN TOSUA including temporarily or permanently suspending your PSN account, which will include revoking access to your PlayStation Stars Membership. If we suspend your PSN account, you will not be able to earn Collectibles or Points, redeem Points and/or access or make use of any other Additional Benefits for the time of the suspension. If we suspend your PSN account permanently as a result of your breach of the Terms, you will cease to be a Member and you will lose all Points, Collectibles and Additional Benefits accrued to your Membership.


14.   Do we ever change these Terms?

14.1.                Sometimes, yes, we may make changes to these Terms and will do so in accordance with the PSN TOSUA.


15.  How are these PlayStation Stars Terms enforced?

15.1.                If you are a consumer:

15.1.1.       these PlayStation Stars Terms and any contracts formed in accordance with them and any disputes we may have in connection with them will be governed by and determined in accordance with the laws of England and Wales but you will have the additional protection of the mandatory laws of the country in which you live. The mandatory laws of the country in which you live take priority over the laws of England and Wales.

15.1.2.       we can enforce these PlayStation Stars Terms in a court of the country in which you live.

15.1.3.       you can enforce these PlayStation Stars Terms in a court in the country in which you live, or where our company is registered.

15.2.                To the extent you are not a consumer:

15.2.1.       these PlayStation Stars Terms, any contracts formed in accordance with them and any disputes we may have in connection with them will be governed by and determined according to the laws of England and Wales; and

15.2.2.       the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction.


16.  Privacy and Data Protection

16.1.                For information on when we collect information about you, including Personal Information (“PI”), what we collect, why we collect it, how we use it, who we share it with, where it is processed, how we handle it and your choices and legal rights associated with this information, please visit our Privacy Policy at:



17.1.                For further information, or if you have questions about your PSN account, the best way to contact us is via our website at: