What changed?


If you haven't logged in for a while, you'll see that we have completely changed the format and style of our PSN Terms of Service to make them easier to read. Please do read the whole thing.


What's changing?

Amongst the substantive changes we made, we:

* Set out when and how we might make changes to console and game software – clause 6,, 23.4 and 26.3.10.

* Clarified our Code of Conduct – clause 13.

* Clarified your right to change of mind cancellations when you shop on our PlayStation Store – clause 17.

* Increased the period after which wallet funds may expire from 2 years to 3 years (unless local laws require a longer period) – clause 18.2.

* Set out some circumstances when wallet funds will be refunded – clause 26.3.11.

* Clarified our liability to you, including in respect of faulty products – clause 26.

* Confirmed that mandatory consumer protection laws will apply – clause 29.