My Friend Peppa Pig

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Released 22/10/2021
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Game overview

Start a fun-filled adventure with Peppa Pig.

Enter the world of Peppa Pig in this fun-filled adventure that little ones will love.

Ring the doorbell at Peppa’s house to begin an exciting journey with all of your favourite characters. You’ll become Peppa’s new friend and star in your very own story as you choose activities everywhere you go.

It’s just like stepping into an episode of the TV show where all Peppa’s friends are excited to meet you. You’ll learn plenty of interesting things as you journey to the beach, visit the museum, and explore the exciting world of vegetables in Potato City. You could even meet everybody's friend, Mr Potato!

Help Daddy Pig find his glasses, follow animal tracks in the forest, or sing the Bing Bong song with Madame Gazelle. Of course, you’ll want to make time for jumping up and down in muddy puddles. 

Key features

Build your character

Choose your favourite animal as your avatar, then dress and customize them in any way you like.

Play with Peppa

Sing, cycle, swim, build and learn with your new friend Peppa by your side. 

Explore her world

Build a sandcastle at the beach, have a picnic in the forest or experience the magic of vegetables at Potato City. 

Make new friends

Sing songs around the campfire with Madame Gazelle and all of Peppa's playgroup friends. 

Safer play for gamers of all ages

Kids' games are easy to monitor with Parental Controls on PS4 and PS5. Set a play limit and Peppa will end the game when playtime ends.

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My Friend Peppa Pig


    Complete Edition

    • My Friend Peppa Pig
    • My Friend Peppa Pig: Pirate Adventures