Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

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What is Lost Records: Bloom & Rage?

Rewind to 1995 in this narrative adventure from the creative minds behind the acclaimed Life is Strange.  

Film your last summer in Velvet Cove playing as Swann, a quirky introvert. Get to know Nora, the rebellious firecracker; Autumn, the thoughtful leader; and Kat, enigmatic and strong-willed.  

But as summer ends, so does their friendship. Twenty-seven years later, fate reunites them to confront a long-buried secret that they left behind in 1995. 

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage key features

Shape two timelines

The girls’ promise, made all those years ago, forever altered the course of their lives. The reason behind this promise is in your hands as you make choices both in 1995 and 2022.

Impactful dialogues

Interact with Swann’s friends in a dynamic way, interrupting or intervening or perhaps saying nothing at all. The decisions impact your relationships and the narrative.

See Velvet Cove through your camcorder

Immortalise your last summer in Velvet Cove and capture reality through the lens of Swann's trusty camcorder... but what else will it pick up?

One magical summer

From making music videos in Nora’s garage to sharing secrets under the stars and discovering dark places shrouded in mystery – the summer of 1995 will be packed with unforgettable moments.