Updated 20 Şubat 2017 Pazartesi

General solutions to problems downloading content to PlayStation 3

This article takes you through the most common ways to fix an issue with downloading PlayStation Store content before showing you how to resolve more specific problems.

What might stop my content from downloading and how do I fix it?

  1. Incorrect account requesting download

Sign in to the SEN account that made the purchase and try the download again.

  1. Issues with your local network

Check your connection and resolve any problems and check that your firewall settings are not stopping the download.

  1. The PlayStation 3 is not activated on your account

If you are downloading content to this PlayStation 3 system from your PlayStation Network account for the first time, this will usually activate the system. Make sure that the system is activated on your account by activating it and check that you have not reached the device activation limit before attempting the download.

  1. Make sure your PlayStation 3 has enough HDD space.

The amount of HDD space you need to download and install content is around double the size of the file you are downloading. You can find out more here.

  1. Issues with PlayStation 3 connectivity while game is in progress

Occasionally your connection may be interrupted if you are playing while waiting for the download. Stop play until the download is complete.

  1. Make sure you are downloading from your Download List, not PlayStation Store if you are re-downloading content.

Go to [PlayStation Network] > [Account Management] > [Transaction Management] > [Download List] and try the download again.

None of the fixes listed above helped – what can I do next?

You may be experiencing a less general issue that needs to be fixed in a particular way. Select the problem from the list below to go to more ways to fix it.

  • Content is not shown on the PlayStation 3 download list
  • A game is on the Download List, but cannot be downloaded to PlayStation 3
  • Content was installed on PlayStation 3 but will not play
  • Automatic download/update did not work
  • A pre-order was not downloaded to PlayStation 3