Updated den 23 januari 2018

How to use PlayStation 4 to place parental controls on sub accounts.

This article explains how to set up PlayStation Network account parental controls, which operate independently from console parental controls, PEGI (games) ratings or BBFC (videos) ratings.


Master accounts have the option of creating up to 6 associated sub accounts for users under the age of 18. The master account may restrict their associated sub accounts' access to many PlayStation Network and console features. This means that there are two different sorts of parental controls that we recommend you set up - account parental controls and console parental controls.

As the controls covered in this article are on the account, not the PlayStation system, once they have been set, the changes automatically sync when the sub account holder accesses PlayStation Network on any PlayStation system. The sub account holder cannot change parental controls, so after you have set them up they will only be changed if you choose to change them from your own master account.

How do I set up sub account parental controls?

  1. Select your local user account and press up on the control pad to access the Function menu and go to [Settings] > [Parental Controls] and press (X button).
  2. Select [Sub Account Management] and press (X button).
  3. Choose the sub account for which you want to set up parental controls and press (X button).
  4. Select [Parental Controls] and press (X button).
  5. Make the changes you need from the drop-down menus and select ‘Confirm’.

Web filtering (PlayStation 4 only)

You can purchase an automatically renewing subscription to Trend Micro Kids Safety web filtering software for your PlayStation 4 to make sure your children do not see inappropriate or harmful material via the web browser. You can also sign up for an automatically renewing subscription to Trend Micro Web Security to help you avoid phishing and scam sites.

To sign up and enable web filtering:

  1. Go to [PlayStation Store] on your PlayStation 4 and search for 'Trend Micro'.
  2. Select the subscription you would like to sign up for and continue to check out. If you would like both Kids Safety and Web Security you can sign up for a bundled subscription by selecting Trend Micro for PlayStation 4.
  3. We will usually switch on Automatic Wallet Funding when you sign up for a subscription service (click here to find out how to make sure it is switched on). This means that if your wallet does not have enough funds the credit or debit card linked to your account will be debited to top up your wallet for subscription renewals.
  4. Enable the security software by opening the PlayStation 4 web browser.
  5. Select [OPTIONS] > [Settings] > [Web Filter] > [Trend Micro for PlayStation 4 Settings] > Enter system passcode. Only people with the passcode may switch web filtering on and off.
  6. Press (X button) to place a tick next to the filter you want to enable and press (Circle button) to exit.
  7. Web filtering is now active.