PS4 tournaments

Compete online against friends and rivals to earn exclusive rewards and win incredible prizes.

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PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series

Доступные турниры

Турнир PS4: Challenger Series начинается. Примите участие и сразитесь за главный приз.

Mortal Kombat 11

Открыты заявки на участие в 3 сезоне:

4 декабря – 23 января

Жанр игры: Файтинг

Приз за первое место: 1000 $ (долларов США)

Призы призерам: Денежное вознаграждение, игровая валюта и динамические темы для PS4


Открыты заявки на участие во 2 сезоне:

2 декабря – 21 января

Жанр игры: Спорт

Приз за первое место: 1000 $ или эквивалентную сумму в местной валюте + 12 000 очков FIFA + билеты на матчи Лиги чемпионов УЕФА

Призы призерам: Денежное вознаграждение, очки FIFA и динамические темы для PS4

Injustice 2

Открыты заявки на участие в 6 сезоне:

4 декабря – 22 января

Жанр игры: Файтинг

Приз за первое место: 500 $ (долларов США)

Призы призерам: Денежное вознаграждение, игровая валюта и динамические темы для PS4

Турнир Club Scouting Challenge

28 декабря – февраль 2020 года

Жанр игры: спортивная игра

Приз за первое место: контракт с киберспортивной командой выбранного клуба

Призы призерам: билеты на матч, уникальный беспроводной контроллер DualShock 4, официальная форма клуба


How to enter

PS4 tournaments are open to everyone. All you need is a copy of the game, an active PlayStation Plus membership and to be online and ready to play on the day the event starts.

From your PS4: Head to the ‘Events’ app on your PS4 menu screen, choose the ‘Tournaments’ tab and choose which competition you want to sign up for.

On the web: Choose one of the current tournaments listed above and follow the link to the ESL website, where you can sign up with your PSN ID.


Types of tournaments

Different games are suited to different competitive modes. These are the type of matches you can expect in each PS4 tournament.

1 vs 1

Go head-to-head against one other player per match.

Team vs Team

Work as a team to claim victory and progress to the next stage.

Battle Royale

Fight to be the last player standing in an ever-shrinking map.


Competition stages

To be the best, you’ll need to be victorious in each of the three stages of a tournament. As you qualify for the next stage, the challenge will increase – and so will the rewards.

Stage one

Your first challenge, where every player has an equal chance of winning.

Prizes: Qualify for the next stage and you’ll get a PS4 theme.

Stage two

You’ve proved your skills by getting this far, but now the competition gets fiercer.

Prizes: Make it through this stage to bag some in-game currency.

Stage three

You’re playing in the big leagues now – this is your big chance to claim the crown.

Prizes: Top prizes will vary by tournament, but could include cash, in-game currency and more.

Check the individual tournament’s page for full prize details.



Every tournament has multiple seasons, each with three stages. At the start of each season, there’s a fresh haul of prizes to be won.

Didn’t make it through to the final stage? Don’t worry – come back next season when the tournament starts again for a second shot at glory. 


Ready to play?

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Find out more

Learn more about PS4 tournaments from our Help & Support section, or direct from the competition organisers via the ESL website.