Might & Magic® Duel of Champions Forgotten Wars

  • PS3
  • Lançado: Já Lançado
  • Gênero: Strategy
  • Editor: Ubisoft
  • Desenvolvedor: Ubisoft Quebec

Gameplay Details

Enter the legendary universe of Might & Magic® with Duel of Champions Forgotten Wars, the online strategy card game. Choose your hero and assemble an army to attack fierce opponents on the battleground. Play your creatures, spells, fortunes, buildings and events wisely to unleash killer combos and gain the upper hand. With more than 650 unique cards to collect and 100+ hours of game content to unlock and explore, the adventures you can have are unlimited!

With 30+ missions in the single player campaign, you can immerse yourself in the exciting universe of the Might & Magic® franchise. For a thrilling 1v1 experience, engage in battle with a friend in the same room and start a Hotseat multiplayer duel. Once you have honed your skills, jump into the ranked online multiplayer mode that features an enhanced matchmaking system. Can you work your way up the eight ranked tiers to reach the Champion Tier?



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