Kung Fu Rabbit

  • PS3
  • Também disponível emPS Vita
  • Lançado: Já Lançado
  • Gênero: Ação
  • Editor: Neko Entertainment
  • Desenvolvedor: CTools Studio

Game Overview

Life in the temple of rabbits hangs by a thread. Universal Evil has struck again and kidnapped all of your disciples. Only you managed to escape. They let you live... They'll soon regret it!

Use your agility and combat skills to save your disciples! Jump from roof to roof, slide gracefully along walls, sneak up on your enemies, and rip them to shreds!

Detailed graphics, humor, hours of gameplay and intuitive controls. Each of the 80 levels requires logic, precision, agility and lots of sabre rattling. The game also has lots of trophies to win, babies to save, carrots to eat, and a Universal Evil to expunge.

  • 80 levels in normal and hard mode (hours of play!)
  • 15 unlockable items to customize your rabbit.

Purchasing this content entitles you to both the PS3™ system and PS Vita system versions!



Copyright 2013 Neko Entertainment.
Developed by cTools Studio and Neko Entertainment.
Co-produced by BulkyPix, cTools Studio and Cazap.