Fluster Cluck

  • PS4
  • Lançado: TBC
  • Gênero: Arcade / Ação / Party
  • Editor: LOOT™ Entertainment
  • Desenvolvedor: LOOT™ Entertainment

Game Overview


Jump into your UFO, “chikkinize” everything that moves (and some things that don’t), climb the corporate ladder and earn that promotion to intergalactic fast-food middle management that you deserve. Challenge yourself in the single-player campaign or square off against your friends in local multiplayer mayhem. CRUSH your enemies, see them DRIVEN before you, and hear the lamentations of their CHIKKIN!


Story Details


  • FLUSTER CLUCK is a very quiet game. It is thoughtful. Contemplative. Introspective. 
  • FLUSTER CLUCK challenges you morally, ethically and philosophically. When you are finished, you will have scholarly debates with friends by the fireplace.
  • Grown men have been known to openly weep when playing FLUSTER CLUCK. When FLUSTER CLUCK was initially classified by ESRB and PEGI, it had to get special government clearance for public consumption. And it is said that FLUSTER CLUCK knows whether the chicken or the egg came first.
  • Yeah. Right.
  • You want a plot? Go away. You want softcore romantic cutscenes? Play something else. You want moral dilemmas and dialogue trees? Shaddap. YOU WANT UFO SHOOTOUTS AND POULTRY? Then you’ve come to the right spot.
  • Why does everything taste like chicken? Because all the food eaten on your planet actually comes from the Chikkin Koop fast food chain. In outer space. And YOU are the one responsible for getting the ingredients.
  • Is feeding an entire planet difficult? Yes. But the chikkinizer is THE BEST MACHINE EVER INVENTED. It turns everything – EVERYTHING – into chikkin.
  • At last, a video game that teaches valuable life lessons about getting along with coworkers, acing a performance review, and earning the title and income you deserve.
  • Will you end up in the henhouse or the penthouse? Join the Fluster Cluck TODAY!

Gameplay Details


Single-player campaign in which you relentlessly “chikkinize” your way to the top of the Chikkin Koop’s corporate ladder, in search of a corporate promotion? Check.

Local multi-player modes which allow up to four players to duke it out for ultimate bragging rights? Check.

A complete and utter lack of princesses to be saved, terrorist plot thwarting, and disturbingly androdgynous heroes? Check.

You don’t need an IT certification to figure out the game’s controls. You don’t need to grind hours and hours of random encounters to build up statistics. You just need to accept that this is a game with UFOs, zombies, cows, camels, missiles, afterburners, turrets, treasure chests, shields, megafields, and decoys that go boom. Why? LOL idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it’s a FLUSTER CLUCK!

Choose from thousands of possible loadout combinations which best fit your style of play, and drop everything that isn’t nailed to the ground – cows, camels, zombies, and coworkers – into the Chikkinizer for points without getting blasted by your opponents. Play through the single-player campaign, or take on your friends in local multiplayer mayhem!


Key Features

Single-Player and 2-4 Players Split-Screen

  • 5 Game Modes: Campaign (with Co-Op), Battle, Deathmatch, Team Battle and

Team Deathmatch

  • 6 Characters
  • 18 Ships
  • 33 Hats
  • 9 Weapons
  • 12 Power-Up Items
  • 4 In-Game Modifiers
  • 10 Great Unique Maps
  • 3 AI Difficulty Options
  • 3 Firing Modifiers
  • 3 classes with 50 levels - Including Assistant To The Regional Manager
  • True 64 bit Blue Sky 3D Graphics
  • 1 Secret Menu

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FLUSTER CLUCK™ ©2014 LOOT™ Entertainment, a Sony DADC US Inc. company.