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PlayStation®Suite (PS Suite) is a new initiative to deliver PlayStation® content on open operating system-based portable devices. This new initiative will allow SCE to deliver the PlayStation® experience to a greater number of users. From the PlayStation®Store, users can purchase a wide variety of content developed by a diverse pool of developers through SCE’s new Developer Program for PlayStation®Suite, and enjoy that content on PlayStation™Certified devices (PS Certified devices) and the PlayStation®Vita system.

Developer Program

The Developer Program for PlayStation®Suite allows SCE to offer a greater amount of developers with a convenient and efficient content development environment, and actively support content creation. You can now use the Open Beta version of this program for free. For details, click here.


SCE has started a PlayStation™Certified licensing program for hardware manufacturers so that the world of PlayStation® may be enjoyed on an open system. SCE will offer the necessary support, including development support as well as logo licensing, to ensure the delivery of a high quality PlayStation® experience across various devices. Under this program, devices meeting SCE standards will be labeled as PlayStation™Certified devices, and will allow more users to experience PlayStation®. Currently, the following devices are PS Certified (as of Apr. 19, 2012).

PS Certified devices

Official device names may vary by country or region.
Country and region of sale vary by devices.

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