Listening to music using SensMe™ channels

Select (SensMe™ channels) under (Music) on your PSP™ system to start the SensMe™ channels application and play music.

When the SensMe™ channels application is first started or when tracks have been imported to the PSP™ system, the database for the application is updated and the tracks are categorized into the appropriate channels. During the update, you will see an icon at the top left corner of the screen, indicating that the database is being updated. After the update has been completed, you will be able to listen to all the tracks using SensMe™ channels.

The music tracks are evaluated using either of the following methods:

  • For tracks that are transferred using "Media Go" or a PS3™ system, Sony's proprietary 12 Tone Analysis technology is used to evaluate the SensMe™ data included in the music files.
  • For tracks that are transferred using other methods, Sony's "LCMIR" technology, which extracts characteristics of the music with minimal computing, is used to evaluate the music files. During the analysis, status messages such as [Updating channels... xx/xx] are displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

You can use the PSP™ system buttons to operate SensMe™ channels.

Selecting a channel

Press the SELECT button on your PSP™ system and then use the directional buttons to select a channel.

Channel name Description
Music for various times of the day
Shuffle All Music played in random order
Energetic Uptempo and high-energy music
Relax Calm and relaxing music
Mellow Soft and slow-tempo music
Upbeat Cheerful and uplifting music
Emotional Ballads
Lounge Jazz and easy listening music
Dance Rhythm, rap and R & B music
Extreme Loud and powerful music
Favourites Music tracks that have been selected to be added to the Favourites channel
Newly Added Music tracks that were imported recently

Playing and pausing tracks

Press the START button on your PSP™ system to play a music track.

If you press the START button while playback is paused, the music will begin to play again.

Playing a previous track or next track

Press the L button or R button on your PSP™ system.

Adding and deleting tracks in the Favourites channel

Press the up button on your PSP™ system while playing a track to add it to the Favourites channel.

To delete a track from the Favourites channel, press the down button while playing the track that you want to delete.

Adding tracks to the block list

Press and hold the down button on your PSP™ system while playing a track to add it to the block list. Tracks that have been added to the block list will not be played.

If you want to play the tracks that are on the block list, go to the options menu and select [Block List Settings] > [Delete All] to delete the tracks from the block list.

Options menu

If you press the triangle button, you can select one of the following options from the menu that is displayed.

View Settings

Time and Battery Set to display (ON) or hide (OFF) time and battery information at the top right corner of the screen.
Button Caption Set to display (ON) or hide (OFF) button information at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Sound Settings

Dynamic Normalizer Set to reduce the difference in volume level between music tracks (ON), or to play tracks using the volume level that was set when the tracks were imported (OFF).
Sound Effects Set to play (ON) or mute (OFF) key tones when operating the channels or the options menu.

Favourites Setting

Use this option to delete all tracks that have been added to the Favourites channel.

Block List Settings

Delete all tracks that are on the block list.


View information about how to operate the channels or the options menu.

Check for Updates

Check for updates for the SensMe™ channels application. Your system must be connected to the Internet to be able to check for updates.

About SensMe™ channels

View information about the trademarks and registered trademarks used in the SensMe™ channels application.

Quitting the SensMe™ channels application

  • PSP-1000/2000/3000/E1000 series: 
    Press the PS button (HOME button), and then select [Yes] from the screen that is displayed.
  • PSP-N1000 series: 
    Press the PS button, and then select [Quit Game].
    If you select [Pause Game] instead of [Quit Game] in this step, you can select [Resume Game] under (Game) the next time you want to use the SensMe™ channels application.
  • Each time you select a channel, the order in which the tracks are played will vary.
  • You cannot select channels that do not contain any tracks.
  • A track may be categorized into several channels.
  • Because the SensMe™ channels application does not support display of Chinese characters (simplified or traditional), Chinese artist names, album names and tracks names will not display properly.
  • You cannot add a track to the block list if the track is included in the Favourites channel. You also cannot add a track to the block list if the track is the only track in a channel.
  • You cannot use the block list feature when using the Favourites channel.

For more information about the SensMe™ channels application, refer to the user's guide for the PSP™ system.

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