Updated 13. november 2015

How you can top up your wallet to make purchases from PlayStation Store

This article lists the payment methods accepted for wallet top-ups and explains some informaiton about payments.

Every Sony Entertainment Network master account has a wallet attached to it. This is where your PlayStation Store credit is kept until it is redeemed against purchases and subscriptions. Your wallet can hold a maximum of £120.00 and you can use any of the payment methods shown above to top up your wallet.

Click on a payment method to find out how to use it:

Sub accounts do not have a wallet, but can use the master account wallet subject to available funds and any spending limits imposed on the sub account.

PlayStation Network Cards and Sony Entertainment Network Cards are also available from your local superstore or games retailer. Find out how to redeem your voucher code here.


  • We do not accept Visa Electron or selected local debit cards.
  • The billing address of the payment method must match the billing address for your Sony Entertainment Network account.

If you experience any difficulty with using these payment methods, please click here for assistance.