Updated 7. august 2015

How to use PlayStation 4 to manage auto-funding

This article explains how to use your PlayStation 4 to switch auto-funding on or off.

What is automatic wallet funding (auto-funding)?

Auto-funding is a feature for master accounts that helps to make sure that you don't lose a subscription or fail to get your pre-order on time because of a missed payment.

This works by using the default payment method linked to your account to automatically top up your wallet with the subscription renewal/pre-order price. If your wallet funds cover the payment we will not charge your payment method.

We will usually ask you to provide your payment details and we will switch auto-funding [On] when you subscribe to a paid service, but not when you place a pre-order.

When might I be automatically charged?

If you purchase a subscription service, like PlayStation Plus, we will switch on auto-funding, so that the default payment method linked to your account will be debited on renewal date if you do not have enough wallet funds.

We do not switch auto-funding on when you place a pre-order; so you will need to either ensure your wallet has sufficient funds when we take the pre-order payment or switch on auto-funding through Account Management.

You can also remove payment information at any time. However, please note that removing payment details will not stop your wallet being charged for subscriptions or pre-orders that have not been cancelled if there are enough wallet funds.

Auto-funding for sub accounts

Sub accounts have no wallet attached. This means that auto-funding is not available, so sub accounts cannot purchase subscriptions that automatically renew. However, we can automatically take payment from the master account wallet for a sub account user's pre-orders provided these two conditions apply:

  • The master account has sufficient available funds in the wallet. A master account default payment method is never debited for a sub account purchase - even if the master account has auto-funding switched [On].
  • The ‘Sub account monthly spending limit’ is set to an amount that covers the pre-order payment and any previous purchases made on the sub account that month. Find out how to change a sub account spending limit here.

How do I set up auto-funding on my master account?

  1. Make sure a payment method is linked to your account.
  2. Select your local user account and press up on the control pad to access the Function menu and go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network] > [Account Information] > [Wallet] > [Purchase Settings] and press (X button).
  3. Select [Fund Wallet Automatically] and select [Yes] or [No] to turn auto-funding on or off.
  4. Select [Confirm] and press (X button).