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Taal kiezen in de PS Store

Created 14/06/2019
3 Replies

Hello everyone.

I have several questions regarding psn service. If I currently live in the Netherlands, is there any possibility to switch the language of my store from Dutch to English ?

Second question, why can't I buy games with russian audio in a Dutch store, even though russian language is available for games in russian psn, I mean if there is russian audio, why not to make it available at any place in the world ?


  • chrisboers


    chrisboers Best answer 16 June, 2019 @ 09:04


    No, the Dutch store is only available in Dutch. Some countries have more, like Belgium, but most only have one language.

    However, I have a question back: are you living here permanently, or for a limited period? If you normally live in Russia, and are returning there shortly, you might perfer to create a Russian account, and use the Russian Store instead. This will make future use much more handy, as you cannot change your country after first creation, and you would have to kee using the Dutch Store.

    As for your second question, games are regiobound, and audio takes up space. So, the publisher usually creates different versions, with regional audio. This means we don't get Russian, Chinese and Taiwaneese in 'our' EU release, and Russian releases don't get French, Catalan, Spanish, Portugese etc.

    This keeps the filesize down, which is important for a number of reasons, including cost.

  • Dutch_Goose


    Dutch_Goose 18 June, 2019 @ 18:51
    well, i am planning to stay here permanently, so I guess I have to start learning Dutch
  • chrisboers


    chrisboers 19 June, 2019 @ 07:17
    What you can do, is create a second account, based in your native country (Russia?) check the Store there, and then buy the game in the Dutch Store. Or, use a third party site like, select your native language there, and when you click on the Store link there, it will automatically send you to the Dutch Store game page.